31 Stronghold: Definitive Edition Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used Stronghold: Definitive Edition Shortcuts

Action Stronghold Definitive Edition Shortcut Keys
Scroll Arrow keys
Rotate Map Left Q
Rotate Map Right E
Pause P
Center on Keep H
Center on Marketplace M
Center on Signpost O
Center on Barracks B
Center on Granary G
Center on Lord L
Cycle lords Shift + L
Flatten Landscape Spacebar
Zoom Map Out Z
Zoom Map In X
Patrol Shift + F7
Rotate Gatehouse Tab
Increase Game Speed +
Decrease Game Speed
Toggle interface panel Alt + Z
Toggle Frame Rate F
Radar Map Zoom In Page Down key
Radar Map Zoom Out Page Up key
Show Objectives J
Show Goods K
Group Troops 0-9 Ctrl + 0-9
Select Clan 1-9
Set Bookmark 0-9 Ctrl + Alt + 0-9
Go to Bookmark 0-9 Alt + 0-9
Open Free Build Events panel F1
Quick save Home
Open chat Enter



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