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12 Soundcloud Keyboard Shortcuts

With the help of SoundCloud Shortcuts uploading, promoting, and sharing audio files worldwide to various listeners just got easier. It’s an online platform, hence internet connection is a must for it to function.

Download Soundcloud Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

Below we have listed down such more secretive SoundCloud Shortcut keys. You can even download this SoundCloud Shortcut list in PDF form and share it with your peers as well.

The most used SoundCloud Shortcut key by me is Shift + L. This shortcut helps you to play the track in loop mode. Loop mode is used when you want to listen to a particular song repeatedly. A favorite little secret just like many others you saw above.

Most used Soundcloud Shortcuts

Action Soundcloud Shortcut keys
Play or Pause Spacebar
Next track Shift + Right Arrow key
Previous track Shift + Left Arrow key
Loop Shift + L
Mute M
Like L
Repost R
Seek Forward Right Arrow key
Seek Backward Left Arrow key
Volume up Shift + Up Arrow key
Volume down Shift + Down Arrow key
Show Keyboard Shortcuts H

People nowadays jump onto Spotify to listen to music. Spotify is much easier and allows a smooth flow while hovering over the software. Have a look at a list of Spotify Shortcuts as well.


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