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19 RSLogix 5000 Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn RSLogix 5000 Shortcuts for Windows

Most used RSLogix 5000 Shortcuts

Action RSLogix 5000 Shortcuts
Go to Ctrl + G
Find and replace Ctrl + H
Go to the next open window Ctrl + Tab
Go to the previous open window Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Go to the previous routine Ctrl + Page Up key
Go to the next routine Ctrl + Page Down key
Go to the top rung Ctrl + Home
Go to the bottom rung Ctrl + End
Edit the main operand description Ctrl + D
Cross-reference Ctrl + E
Go to the next destructive reference Ctrl + Shift + E
Start editing rung Ctrl + Shift + S
Finalize edits Ctrl + Shift + F
Toggle bits Ctrl + T
Open Language Element browser Alt + Insert
(in LD, SFC and FBD editors) Open Language Element browser Insert
(when moving around grid cells) Activate any controls that are active for that cell Alt + Down Arrow key
Commit changes to the description and close Ctrl + Enter
(in Monitor Tags tab) Edit value Alt + Up & Down Arrow key


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