48 Perceptive Content Keyboard Shortcuts

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Learn Perceptive Content Shortcuts for Windows

Perceptive Content Explorer Shortcuts

Action Perceptive Content Shortcut keys
Help F1
Refresh F5
Select All Ctrl + A
File Properties Ctrl + I
Open File Ctrl + O
Print File Ctrl + P
Email File Ctrl + M
Export File Ctrl + X
Delete Delete

Perceptive Content Viewer Shortcuts

Action Perceptive Content Shortcut keys
Print Ctrl + P
Zoom In Ctrl + +
Zoom Out Ctrl + –
Resize Fit Image F2
Resize Fit Width F3
Resize Fit Height F4
Rotate Left Alt + Left Arrow Key
Rotate Right Alt + Right Arrow Key
Pan Image Up Up Arrow Key
Pan Image Down Down Arrow Key
Top of Image Ctrl + Up Arrow Key + Home
Bottom of Image Ctrl + Down Arrow Key + End
Left Margin Ctrl + Left Arrow Key
Right Margin Ctrl + Right Arrow Key
Next Page Ctrl + Page Down key
Previous Page Ctrl + Page Up Key
First Page Ctrl + Home
Last Page Ctrl + End
Scale to Gray (toggle) F6
Reset Pointer (disable current annotation) Alt + End
Select Annotation Ctrl + Mouse key
View Properties F7
Show Keywords F8
Thumbnails F9
Invert F11

Documents Grid Shortcuts

Action Perceptive Content Shortcut keys
View Selected Enter
Delete Selected Delete
Scroll Down Page Down key
Scroll Up Page Up key
Page Down Ctrl + Page Down Key
Page Up Ctrl + Page Up Key
Refresh F5
Find Ctrl + F
Properties Ctrl + I then Alt + Enter
Keywords (Notes) Ctrl + K
Column Select Right Ctrl + Right Arrow Key
Column Select Left Ctrl + Left Arrow Key
Sort Ascending Ctrl + Up Arrow Key
Sort Descending Ctrl + Down Arrow Key



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