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21 Boost Note Keyboard Shortcuts

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Most used Boost Note Shortcuts

Action Boost Note Shortcut Keys
Create a new note Ctrl + N
Enter Editor mode Ctrl + E
Exit Editor mode Ctrl + W
Toggle Editor mode (customizable in Preferences) Ctrl + M
Move to the note below Ctrl + J
Move to the note above Ctrl + K
Focus on search input Ctrl + S
Insert current date (customizable) Ctrl + /
Insert current date and time (customizable) Ctrl + Shift + /
Hide/show sidebar and note bar Ctrl + B
Delete the note Ctrl + Delete
Toggle main (customizable) Ctrl + Alt + L
Toggle Finder popup (customizable) Ctrl + Alt + S
Sort selected lines Ctrl + Shift + S
Prettify Markdown note (customizable) Ctrl + Shift + F
Show/Hide menu bar (customizable) Alt
Show/Hide Boostnote (customizable) Super + Alt + E
Open Search Ctrl + F
Jump to the next occurrence Ctrl + G
Jump to the previous occurrence Ctrl + Shift + G
Opens a note-creation model Ctrl + N


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