36 PlanSwift Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used PlanSwift Shortcuts

Action PlanSwift Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Next page Page Down key
Previous page Page Up key
Selects all items between the first and last click Shift + Left Mouse Click
Selects multiple items in random order Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
Zoom to fit F7
Zoom F10
Scrolls Up E
Scrolls Down D
Scrolls Left S
Scrolls Right F
Magnifies the area around the cursor M
Creates a Bookmark B
Toggles the Snap tool on and off during takeoff F3
Toggle Angle Snap F8
Toggle Verify Points F6
Quick Search Spacebar
Smooth Zoom In +
Smooth Zoom Out
Starts a new Area 1
Starts a new Linear 2
Starts a new Segment 3
Starts a new Count 4
Starts/Stops Point Recording R
Creates a new takeoff section of an existing takeoff item N
Toggles between the Image/Estimating Windows F12
Creates a new Note =
Designates the next click point as an arc point between the most recent click point and the following click point A
Closes an Area or a Linear C
Deletes an item Delete
Stops recording Esc
Rotates Point Counts O
Toggles Ortho tool on or off during takeoff Shift
Undoes the most recent click point of the takeoff section being recorded Backspace


What is PlanSwift?

PlanSwift is a digital takeoff and estimating software designed for the construction industry. It allows users to quickly and accurately take measurements from digital blueprints and create detailed estimates for construction projects.

What are some key features of PlanSwift?

PlanSwift offers a variety of features, including digital takeoff and measuring tools, automatic scaling, customizable templates, and integration with other construction software.

How does PlanSwift save time and money?

PlanSwift's digital takeoff and estimating tools allow users to complete tasks much faster and more accurately than traditional manual methods. This can save time and reduce errors, resulting in lower costs and increased efficiency.

What types of construction projects is PlanSwift suitable for?

PlanSwift is suitable for a wide range of construction projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial construction. It can be used by contractors, architects, engineers, and other construction professionals.


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