36 PlanSwift Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used PlanSwift Shortcuts

Action PlanSwift Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Next page Page Down key
Previous page Page Up key
Selects all items between the first and last click Shift + Left Mouse Click
Selects multiple items in random order Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
Zoom to fit F7
Zoom F10
Scrolls Up E
Scrolls Down D
Scrolls Left S
Scrolls Right F
Magnifies the area around the cursor M
Creates a Bookmark B
Toggles the Snap tool on and off during takeoff F3
Toggle Angle Snap F8
Toggle Verify Points F6
Quick Search Spacebar
Smooth Zoom In +
Smooth Zoom Out
Starts a new Area 1
Starts a new Linear 2
Starts a new Segment 3
Starts a new Count 4
Starts/Stops Point Recording R
Creates a new takeoff section of an existing takeoff item N
Toggles between the Image/Estimating Windows F12
Creates a new Note =
Designates the next click point as an arc point between the most recent click point and the following click point A
Closes an Area or a Linear C
Deletes an item Delete
Stops recording Esc
Rotates Point Counts O
Toggles Ortho tool on or off during takeoff Shift
Undoes the most recent click point of the takeoff section being recorded Backspace



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