37 FactSet Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn FactSet Shortcuts for Windows

Most used FactSet Shortcuts

Action FactSet Shortcut keys
Go to dashboard G then D
Next item J
Browse to project G then P
Find issues G then I
Previous item K
Administration quick search G then G
Go to tempo G then T
Log time with tempo W
Quick search /
Create an issue C
Quick operations .
Open shortcut help ?
Open Plans shortcut help P then ?
Go to the View Plans page P then V
Submit a form Alt + S
Submit a description or comment Ctrl + Enter

Issue actions Shortcuts

Action FactSet Shortcut keys
Edit issue E
Assign issue A
Comment on issue M
Edit issue labels L
Jump to fields for editing ,
Log time on the issue W
Assign to me I

Navigating Issue Shortcuts

Action FactSet Shortcut keys
View selected issue O
Next issue J
Previous issue K
Toggle issue fullscreen Z
Dock/Undock the filter panel [
Next activity N
Previous activity P
Focus search field F
Search for issues U
Switch filter view T
Detail view order by Y
Select issue detail view Right Arrow key
Select list view Left Arrow key
Log time on the issue W



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