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50 Google Earth Shortcuts You Should know

Google Earth Shortcuts will allow you to zoom, rotate, and tilt the view of the earth. It will also allow you to fly and explore major cities and landmarks around the world. In short, in Google Earth, you will get combined knowledge regarding maps as well as geographical information.

List of Google Earth Shortcuts

Google Earth is banned in 98% of the countries due to security concerns. However, 2% where Google Earth still works, you can take advantage of the below list of Google Earth Shortcuts to help you navigate Google Maps with ease. Download the list of Google Earth Shortcuts in the form of a PDF.

Most used Google Earth Shortcuts

Action Google Earth Shortcut keys
Open file dialog box Ctrl + O
Save current view as Image Ctrl + Alt + S
Print dialog box Ctrl + P
Email view Ctrl + Alt + E
Copy selected item Ctrl + C
Cut selected item Ctrl + X
Paste item Ctrl + V
Find item Ctrl + F
Delete selected item Delete
Edit selected Item Ctrl + Alt + R
Zooms into selected item Enter
Switch to Full Screen F11
Show or hide sidebar Ctrl + Alt + B
Hide or show overview Window Ctrl + M

Create Items on Map Shortcuts

Action Google Earth Shortcut keys
Create new Placemark Ctrl + Shift + P
Create new folder Ctrl + Shift + N
Create a New image Overlay Ctrl + Shift + O
Create New Model Ctrl + Shift + M
Create New Path Ctrl + Shift + T
Create New Polygon Ctrl + Shift + G

Menu Shortcuts

Action Google Earth Shortcut keys
File Menu Alt + F
Edit Menu Alt + E
View Menu Alt + V
Add Menu Alt + A
Tool Menu Alt + T
Help Menu Alt + H

3D Viewer Shortcuts

Action Google Earth Shortcut keys
Move viewer left Left Arrow key
Move viewer right Right Arrow key
Move viewer up Up Arrow key
Move viewer down Down Arrow key
Rotate view clockwise Shift + Left Arrow key
Rotate view counter-clockwise Shift + Right Arrow key
Tilt view up Shift + Down Arrow key
Tilt view down Shift + Up Arrow key
Shift perspective right Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Shift perspective left Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Shift perspective up Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Shift perspective down Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Zoom in small increments +
Zoom out in small increments
Zoom in larger increments Ctrl + Shift + +
Zoom out in larger increments Ctrl + Shift + –
Reset View to rotate to “North up” N
Reset angle to view the scene in “top-down” or “up” mode U

Download Google Earth Shortcuts PDF

Download Google Earth Shortcuts PDF

However, Google Earth isn’t always updated in real-time. The only reason people will look for an alternative to Google earth is that they might not trust google at all. AutoCAD Map 3D is a good alternative to Google Earth, and you can also find the list of AutoCAD Map 3D shortcuts by clicking here.



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