40 Genshin Impact Game Keyboard Shortcuts

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A fantasy-based open world serves as the setting for the free-to-play action role-playing game Genshin Impact. Mihoyo is the creator and publisher of Genshin Impact. The publication date was September 2020.

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Most used Genshin Impact Shortcuts

Action Genshin Impact Shortcuts
Move forward W
Move backward S
Move left A
Move right D
Normal attack Left Mouse Click
Elemental shift E
Sprint Shift
Jump Spacebar
Elemental burst Q
Open inventory B
Open character screen C
Open map M
Open with screen F3
Open Adventurer Handbook screen F1
Open Paimon screen Esc
Open quest menu J
Quest navigation V
Open notification details Y
Open co-op screen F2
Open chat screen Enter
Open domain screen U
(Hold) Elemental sight Mouse Scroll Up & Down
Switch to party member 1 1
Switch to party member 2 2
Switch to party member 3 3
Switch to party member 4 4
Switch to party member 5 5
Switch to party member 1 and use the elemental burst Alt + 1
Switch to party member 2 and use the elemental burst Alt + 2
Switch to party member 3 and use the elemental burst Alt + 3
Switch to party member 4 and use the elemental burst Alt + 4
Switch to party member 5 and use the elemental burst Alt + 5
Switch aiming mode R
Pick up / Interact F
Switch walk / Run Ctrl
Check tutorial details G
Open the Events menu F5
Open the Battle Pass screen F4
Challenge interrupted P


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