40 Genshin Impact Keyboard Shortcuts

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular video games currently is Genshin Impact. With numerous tasks and challenges in the game, it’s crucial to be familiar with its fundamentals. One such fundamental aspect is knowing the Genshin Impact shortcuts. Will your gaming experience be enhanced once you’ve mastered the Genshin Impact shortcuts? Well, that’s something you’ll discover once you start using them.

Download Genshin Impact Shortcuts PDF

This tutorial offers a comprehensive guide to Genshin Impact shortcuts. With this knowledge, you can immerse yourself in the magical world and showcase your skills. For your convenience, I’ve included a PDF file with all the Genshin Impact shortcuts mentioned in the game.

Most Used Genshin Impact Shortcuts

Action Genshin Impact Keyboard Controls
Move forward W
Move backward S
Move left A
Move right D
Normal attack Left Mouse Click
Elemental shift E
Sprint Shift
Jump Spacebar
Elemental burst Q
Open inventory B
Open character screen C
Open map M
Open with screen F3
Open Adventurer Handbook screen F1
Open Paimon screen Esc
Open quest menu J
Quest navigation V
Open notification details Y
Open co-op screen F2
Open chat screen Enter
Open domain screen U
(Hold) Elemental sight Mouse Scroll Up & Down
Switch to party member 1 1
Switch to party member 2 2
Switch to party member 3 3
Switch to party member 4 4
Switch to party member 5 5
Switch to party member 1 and use the elemental burst Alt + 1
Switch to party member 2 and use the elemental burst Alt + 2
Switch to party member 3 and use the elemental burst Alt + 3
Switch to party member 4 and use the elemental burst Alt + 4
Switch to party member 5 and use the elemental burst Alt + 5
Switch aiming mode R
Pick up / Interact F
Switch walk / Run Ctrl
Check tutorial details G
Open the Events menu F5
Open the Battle Pass screen F4
Challenge interrupted P

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