10 Avaya IP Softphone Keyboard Shortcuts

The Avaya IP SoftPhone Shortcuts facilitate the direct control of telephone calls from a personal computer. Avaya, an established communication solution, offers unified communication and VoIP services.

Download Avaya IP Softphone Shortcuts PDF

With over two decades of existence, learning the Avaya SoftPhone Shortcuts can seem repetitive. Below is a list of Avaya Softphone Shortcuts to enhance your experience. Download the Avaya SoftPhone Shortcuts list in PDF format for a smoother operation.

Most used Avaya IP Softphone Shortcut keys

Action Avaya IP Softphone Shortcut keys
Answer Call Ctrl + Shift + Alt + A
Hang up Call Ctrl + Shift + Alt + H
Redial Ctrl + Shift + Alt + R
Focus Softphone Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F
Toggle Mute Ctrl + Shift + Alt + M

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