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Minecraft Hotkeys

A sandbox game, it has been ported to various platforms. In this game, players construct 3D structures using a variety of cubes in a randomly created environment. There are also multiplayer game options in Minecraft, which also calls for some innovation. Mojang Studios worked on its creation and distribution.

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Learn Minecraft Java Edition Games Shortcuts for Windows

Debug Screen Shortcuts

Action Minecraft Shortcuts
Toggle showing extra debug information F3
Display a more detailed view of the graph on the right 1-9
Display less detailed graph 0
Display Profiler graph Shift + F3
Display Help menu that lists all F3 shortcuts F3 + Q
Reload all chunks F3 + A
Reload all textures, sounds, and web-loaded client resources F3 + T
Toggle the auto-pause when the window is out of focus F3 + P
Toggle detailed item descriptions F3 + H
Hold these keys at least for 6 seconds to trigger a manually debug crash on purpose F3 + C
Toggle showing hitbox around entities F3 + B
Clear chat history, including previous commands F3 + D
Cycle the player’s game mode between Creative and Spectator F3 + N
Show the chunk boundaries immediately surrounding the player F3 + G

Gameplay Shortcuts

Action Minecraft Shortcuts
Attack / Destroy Left Mouse Click
Pick block Mouse Hover Up & Down
Use item / place block Right Mouse Click
Drop item Q
Drop a whole stack of items Ctrl + Q
Hotbar slot 1-9
Open Inventory. Close any open GUI E
Swap items in hands F
Load toolbar activator X + 1-9
Save toolbar activator C + 1-9
See the list of players Tab
Cycle through possible commands or arguments and also complete player names Tab
Open chat T
Open command /
Advancements L
Take screenshot F2
Toggle fullscreen F11
Toggle perspective F5

Configurable Hotkeys

Action Minecraft Shortcuts
Jump Spacebar
Toggle Fly Mode in Creative mode Spacebar
Sneak Shift
Sprint Ctrl
Strafe left A
Strafe right D
Walk backward S
Walk forward W

Non-configurable Hotkeys

Action Minecraft Shortcuts
Open the menu and give back the cursor control Esc
Pause single-player game Esc
Exit the chat Esc
Toggle heads-up display F1
Use F1 to take screenshots without HUD F2


What are shortcuts in Minecraft Java Edition?

Shortcuts in Minecraft Java Edition are key combinations or sequences that perform a specific action or command within the game, allowing players to navigate and interact with the game more efficiently.

What are some commonly used shortcuts in Minecraft Java Edition?

Some commonly used shortcuts in Minecraft Java Edition include: F3: Opens the debug screen, displaying information about the game's performance and player position, E: Opens the inventory screen, allowing players to manage their items and equipment, Ctrl + Q: Drops the entire stack of the currently selected item from the player's inventory.

Can players customize shortcuts in Minecraft Java Edition?

Yes, players can customize shortcuts in Minecraft Java Edition by accessing the Controls menu in the game's settings. From there, they can assign specific actions or commands to different keys or key combinations, based on their own preferences.

Are there any other ways to navigate and interact with Minecraft Java Edition besides using shortcuts?

Yes, players can also use the mouse and keyboard to navigate and interact with Minecraft Java Edition. In addition, the game supports various input devices such as game controllers, touchscreens, and virtual reality headsets, depending on the platform and version being used.


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