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Most used WhereIsIt? Shortcuts

Action WhereIsIt Shortcuts
Save Ctrl + S
Add a new disk image Ctrl + D
Add a new disk group Ctrl + G
View user list Ctrl + U


What is WhereIsIt file manager?

WhereIsIt is a disk cataloging software that allows you to create and maintain a database of your files and folders. It helps you organize your files and locate them quickly and easily.

What are the system requirements for WhereIsIt file manager?

WhereIsIt file manager requires a Windows operating system (Windows 95 or higher), at least 32 MB of RAM, and 10 MB of free disk space.

How do I create a database in WhereIsIt file manager?

To create a new database in WhereIsIt file manager, click on the Database menu, select New and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can WhereIsIt file manager handle network drives?

Yes, WhereIsIt file manager can handle network drives. You can create a database on a network drive and add files and folders from the network.


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