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91 SMPlayer Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Playback Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcuts
Play/Pause Spacebar
Play next >
Play previous <
Next N
Previous P
Next Chapter @
Previous chapter !
Add new bookmark Ctrl + A
Previous bookmark Ctrl + B
Next bookmark Ctrl + N
Move up Alt + Up Arrow key
Move down Alt + Down Arrow key
Move left Alt + Left Arrow key
Move right Alt + Right Arrow key
Previous radio Shift + L
Next radio Shift + H

Playback Speed Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcut Keys
Normal speed Backspace
Half the speed of the video Shift + ]
Double speed of video Shift + [

Zoom Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcut Keys
Zoom increase E
Zoom decrease W
Zoom 100% Ctrl + 1
Zoom 200% Ctrl + 2
Reset Shift + E
Auto zoom Shift + W
Zoom for 16:9 Shift + A
Zoom for 2.35:1 Shift + S

Subtitles Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcut Keys
Next subtitle J
Previous subtitle Shift + J
Subtitle visibility V
Subtitle delay decrease Z
Subtitle delay increase X
Move subtitle up R
Move subtitle down T
Decrease subtitle size Shift + R
Increase subtitle size Shift + T
Previous line in the subtitles G
Next line in subtleties Y
Seek to next subtitle Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Seek the previous subtitle Ctrl + Left Arrow key

Audio Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcuts
Mute M
Volume up 9
Volume down 0
Previous audio Shift + K
Next audio K
Audio delay increase +
Audio delay decrease

Seek Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcuts
10 seconds backward Ctrl + Shift + B
10 seconds forward Ctrl + Shift + F
1 minute backward Down Arrow key
1 minute forward Up Arrow key
10 minutes backward Page Down Key
10 minutes forward Page Up Key
Jump to Ctrl + J

Screenshot Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcuts
Take a snapshot S
Screenshot with subtitles Ctrl + Shift + S
Screenshot without subtitles Ctrl + Alt + S
Start/stop taking multiple screenshots Shift + D
Fullscreen F

Display & OSD Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcuts
OSD – Next Level O
Increase OSD size Shift + U
Decrease OSD size Shift + Y
Decrease contrast 1
Increase contrast 2
Decrease brightness 3
Increase brightness 4
Decrease hue 5
Increase hue 6
Decrease saturation 7
Increase saturation 8
Toggle double size Ctrl + D
Next aspect ratio A
Show filename on OSD Shift + O
Show info on OSD Shift + I
Show playback time on OSD I
Toggle deinterlacing D

Others SMPlayer Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcut Keys
Show the main toolbar F5
Preferences Ctrl + P
Playlist Ctrl + L
Information and properties Ctrl + I
YouTube browser F11
Mplayer/mpv log Ctrl + M
SMplayer log Ctrl + S
Fullscreen F
Leave fullscreen Esc
Kompakt mod Ctrl + C
Equalizer Ctrl + E
Open file Ctrl + F
Open URL Ctrl + U
Close Ctrl + X
Quit program Ctrl + Q


What is SMPlayer?

SMPlayer is a free and open-source media player for Windows and Linux that supports a wide variety of audio and video formats. It has a user-friendly interface and comes with advanced features such as support for subtitles, video and audio filters, and playback speed control.

Does SMPlayer support subtitles?

Yes, SMPlayer has built-in support for subtitles in various formats, including SRT, SSA, and ASS. You can easily load and customize subtitles within the player.

Can I customize the appearance of SMPlayer?

Yes, SMPlayer allows you to customize the appearance of the player with different skins and icon sets. You can also customize the font size and color of subtitles, and change the position of the player's controls.

Does SMPlayer support streaming?

Yes, SMPlayer supports streaming from online sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. You can easily search and play videos from these sources directly within the player.

Can I control playback speed in SMPlayer?

Yes, SMPlayer allows you to control playback speed with options to increase or decrease playback speed by a percentage or adjust it with a slider.


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