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91 SMPlayer Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Playback Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcuts
Play/Pause Spacebar
Play next >
Play previous <
Next N
Previous P
Next Chapter @
Previous chapter !
Add new bookmark Ctrl + A
Previous bookmark Ctrl + B
Next bookmark Ctrl + N
Move up Alt + Up Arrow key
Move down Alt + Down Arrow key
Move left Alt + Left Arrow key
Move right Alt + Right Arrow key
Previous radio Shift + L
Next radio Shift + H

Playback Speed Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcut Keys
Normal speed Backspace
Half the speed of the video Shift + ]
Double speed of video Shift + [

Zoom Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcut Keys
Zoom increase E
Zoom decrease W
Zoom 100% Ctrl + 1
Zoom 200% Ctrl + 2
Reset Shift + E
Auto zoom Shift + W
Zoom for 16:9 Shift + A
Zoom for 2.35:1 Shift + S

Subtitles Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcut Keys
Next subtitle J
Previous subtitle Shift + J
Subtitle visibility V
Subtitle delay decrease Z
Subtitle delay increase X
Move subtitle up R
Move subtitle down T
Decrease subtitle size Shift + R
Increase subtitle size Shift + T
Previous line in the subtitles G
Next line in subtleties Y
Seek to next subtitle Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Seek the previous subtitle Ctrl + Left Arrow key

Audio Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcuts
Mute M
Volume up 9
Volume down 0
Previous audio Shift + K
Next audio K
Audio delay increase +
Audio delay decrease

Seek Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcuts
10 seconds backward Ctrl + Shift + B
10 seconds forward Ctrl + Shift + F
1 minute backward Down Arrow key
1 minute forward Up Arrow key
10 minutes backward Page Down Key
10 minutes forward Page Up Key
Jump to Ctrl + J

Screenshot Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcuts
Take a snapshot S
Screenshot with subtitles Ctrl + Shift + S
Screenshot without subtitles Ctrl + Alt + S
Start/stop taking multiple screenshots Shift + D
Fullscreen F

Display & OSD Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcuts
OSD – Next Level O
Increase OSD size Shift + U
Decrease OSD size Shift + Y
Decrease contrast 1
Increase contrast 2
Decrease brightness 3
Increase brightness 4
Decrease hue 5
Increase hue 6
Decrease saturation 7
Increase saturation 8
Toggle double size Ctrl + D
Next aspect ratio A
Show filename on OSD Shift + O
Show info on OSD Shift + I
Show playback time on OSD I
Toggle deinterlacing D

Others SMPlayer Shortcuts

Action SMPlayer Shortcut Keys
Show the main toolbar F5
Preferences Ctrl + P
Playlist Ctrl + L
Information and properties Ctrl + I
YouTube browser F11
Mplayer/mpv log Ctrl + M
SMplayer log Ctrl + S
Fullscreen F
Leave fullscreen Esc
Kompakt mod Ctrl + C
Equalizer Ctrl + E
Open file Ctrl + F
Open URL Ctrl + U
Close Ctrl + X
Quit program Ctrl + Q



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