25 Source Insight Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Source Dynamics makes the source code editor Source Insight. Syntax highlighting and code navigation assistance are provided by Source Insight Shortcuts. Source Insight is characterized by its advanced code editing and browser with built-in analysis for C/C++, C#, and Java programmers. There are numerous shortcuts available in Source Insight for choosing important objects in your source code.

Download Source Insight Shortcuts PDF

The greatest benefit of the below list of Source Insight Shortcuts is that it speeds up code comprehension on unfamiliar projects. You will enjoy programming even more and your productivity will improve. Download the Source Insight Shortcut keys list which is listed in PDF format.

Most used Source Insight Shortcuts

Action Source Insight Shortcut keys
Beginning of Line Home
End of Line End
Top of File Ctrl + Home
Bottom of File Ctrl + End
Beginning of Selection Ctrl + Alt + [
End of Selection Ctrl + Alt + ]
Word Left Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Word Right Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Function Down +
Function Up
Paren Left Ctrl + 9
Paren Right Ctrl + 0
Block Up Ctrl + Shift + {
Block Down Ctrl + Shift + }
Go To Line F5
Search Ctrl + F
Search Forward F4
Search Backward F3
Search Forward for Selection Shift + F4
Selection History Ctrl + Shift + M
Cursor Down Down Arrow key
Cursor Up Up Arrow key
Cursor Left Left Arrow key
Cursor Right Right Arrow key

The only drawback or reason to look for a Source Insight Alternative is it has been the only player for over 15 years limited to Windows only. With the rise in cross-platform programs, people look for more powerful IDE vendors. Hence, ReSharper is a Source Insight alternative. You can investigate the ReShaper shortcuts list.


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