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21 dbForge SQL Complete Keyboard Shortcuts

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Learn dbForge SQL Complete Shortcuts for Windows

Most used dbForge SQL Complete Shortcut keys

Action dbForge SQL Shortcuts
Move one item forward in the list of suggestions Up Arrow Key
Move one item back in the list of suggestions Down Arrow Key
Scroll the list one page forward at a time Page Up key
Scroll the list one page backward at a time Page Down key
Insert a highlighted suggestion into the code Enter
Closes the suggestion box without inserting any suggestion into the code Esc
Turn on the semi-transparent mode for the suggestion box and the parameter info hint Ctrl
Open the suggestion box Ctrl + Spacebar
Show the hint with the info parameter for functions Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
Enables to format the entire document Ctrl + K Then D
Enables to format a selected code fragment Ctrl + K Then F
Enables execution of the current statement Ctrl + K Then E
Enables to execute SQL code located above the current cursor position Ctrl + Shift + F10
Enables to go to the definition F12
Enables to refresh the local cache Ctrl + Shift + R
Insert missing semicolons in the code Ctrl + B Then C
Upon renaming an object, open the Preview Changes – Rename dialog window to preview changes in the code F2
Enables execution of current statement to cursor Ctrl + F10
Open the Execution History window Ctrl + Alt + H
Restore the last closed document Alt + Z
Script object as CREATE/ALTER Ctrl + F12



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