29 Altair SimSolid Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Altair SimSolid Shortcuts for Windows

File Management Shortcuts

Action Altair SimSolid Shortcut keys
Import CAD file Ctrl + I
Open project Ctrl + O
Save project Ctrl + S
Close Project Ctrl + W
Quit SimSolid Ctrl + Q

View Shortcuts

Action Altair SimSolid Shortcuts
Fit view F
Front view Shift + 1
Back view Shift + 2
Left view Shift + 3
Right view Shift + 4
Top view Shift + 5
Bottom view Shift + 6
Isometric view Shift + 7

Display Shortcuts

Action Altair SimSolid Shortcuts
Hide selected parts H
Isolate selected parts I
Suppress selected parts S
Suppress unselected parts U
Delete selected parts D
Show all parts A
Create new bookmark B
Cancels any open dialog Esc
Show welcome Hints & tips Ctrl + F1
Show/hide Help panel F1
Show/hide Project tree panel F2
Show/hide Bookmark browser panel F3
Show/hide project comments F4

Selection Shortcuts

Action Altair SimSolid Shortcut keys
Hold down to multi-select and toggle select Ctrl
Extend selection (lists & project tree) Shift
Select all (lists & project tree) Ctrl + A



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