86 Macro Pulover Keyboard Shortcuts

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Learn Macro Pulover Shortcuts for Windows

File menu Shortcuts

Action Macro Pulover Shortcuts
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save As Ctrl + Shift + S
Export to AHK Ctrl + E
Preview Script Ctrl + P
Edit Script Ctrl + Shift + E
Schedule Macros Ctrl + Alt + T
List Variables Alt + F3
Exit Alt + F4

Macro menu Shortcuts

Action Macro Pulover Shortcut keys
Record Macro Ctrl + R
Activate Macros Ctrl + Enter
Play Current Macro Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Timer Ctrl + Shift + T
Deactivate Macros Ctrl + Alt + D
Play from Selected Row Alt + 1
Play until the Selected Row Alt + 2
Play Selected Rows Alt + 3
Context Sensitive Hotkeys Ctrl + H
Add Macro Ctrl + T
Close Macro Ctrl + W
Duplicate Macro Ctrl + Shift + D
Edit Macros Ctrl + Shift + M
Import Macro Ctrl + I
Save Current Macro Ctrl + Alt + S

Commands menu Shortcuts

Action Macro Pulover Shortcuts
Mouse F2
Text F3
Control F4
Pause F5
Message Box Shift + F5
Key Wait Ctrl + F5
Window F6
Image / Pixel Search / Image to Text F7
Bun / File / String / Misc. F8
Loop F9
Go To / Label Shift + F9
Set timer Ctrl + F9
If Statements F10
Variables / Arrays Shift + F10
Functions / Array Methods Ctrl + F10
Send Email F11
Download files Shift + F11
Zip / Unzip files Ctrl + F11
Internet Explorer F12
Expression / COM Interface Shift + F12
Windows Messages Ctrl + F12
Find a command Ctrl + Shift + F

Function menu Shortcuts

Action Macro Pulover Shortcuts
Create Functions Ctrl + Shift + U
Add Parameter Ctrl + Shift + P
Add Return Ctrl + Shift + N
Convert Macro To Function Ctrl + Shift + C

Edit menu Shortcuts

Action Macro Pulover Shortcuts
Edit Enter
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Delete Delete
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Move Up Ctrl + Page Up key
Move Down Ctrl + Page Down key
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Find / Replace Ctrl + F
Go to Ctrl + G
Edit Comment Ctrl + L
Edit Color Mark Ctrl + M
Insert from Box Insert
Insert Keystroke Ctrl + Insert
Select All Ctrl + A
Select None Ctrl + Shift + A
Invert Selection Ctrl + Alt + A
Check Selected Ctrl + Q
Uncheck Selected Ctrl + Shift + Q
Invert Checks Ctrl + Alt + Q
Move Selection Up Ctrl + Up Arrow Key
Move Selection Down Ctrl + Down Arrow Key
Enable groups Ctrl + Shift + G
Add group Ctrl + Shift + Y
Remove group Ctrl + Shift + R

View menu shortcuts

Action Macro Pulover Shortcuts
Controls Toolbar Ctrl + B
Reset Columns Size Alt + F5
Preview Script Ctrl + P
Settings Ctrl + ,
Default Hotkeys Alt + F6
Default Settings Alt + F7

Help menu Shortcuts

Action Macro Pulover Shortcuts
Help F1
About Shift + F1



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