27 Woven Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Woven Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Woven Shortcuts

Action Woven Shortcut keys
Navigate to the previous period on the calendar Left Arrow key
Navigate to the next period on the calendar Right Arrow key
Go on a date G
Navigate the calendar to Today T
Create a new Woven Event Shift + N
Show keyboard shortcuts list Shift + ?
Navigate to the list of Calendars Shift + C
Navigate to Settings Shift + ,
Blur/bring out of focus any text field Esc

Calendar Shortcuts

Action Woven Shortcuts
Go to the Day View D
Go to the 3 Day View 3
Show the Week view of the calendar W
Go to a 2-week view 2
Toggle the Columns view on/off C
Toggle showing the weekends on/off S

Maps Shortcuts

Action Woven Shortcuts
Show Maps/Location view Shift + M
Toggle showing travel routes with Driving as the transportation option Shift + D
Toggle showing travel routes with Biking as the transportation option Shift + B
Toggle showing travel routes with Walking as the transportation option Shift + W
Toggle showing travel routes with Public Transportation as the transportation option Shift + P
Toggle Showing/hiding home Shift + H

Event lists Shortcuts

Action Woven Shortcut keys
Toggle Showing/hiding the Woven Event Panel \
Navigate to Templates Shift + T
Navigate to Active Woven Events not yet scheduled (aka Drafts) Shift + A
Navigate to Archived Woven Events Shift + R
Navigate to Woven Event Updates Shift + U
Search All Woven Events /



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