45 CityEngine Keyboard Shortcuts

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Learn CityEngine Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Most Used CityEngine Shortcuts

Action CityEngine Shortcuts Windows CityEngine Shortcuts Mac
Rotate Alt + LMB Option + LMB
Track or pan Alt + MMB Option + MMB
Dolly Alt + RMB Option + RMB
Look around B B
Apply tool or Replace selection LMB LMB
Add to selection Shift + LMB Shift + LMB
Toggle selection Ctrl + LMB Command + LMB
Remove from selection Ctrl + Shift + LMB Command + Shift + LMB
Frame all A A
Toggle information Display visibility D then D D then D
Toggle Navigation Display D then N D then N
Toggle Grid D then G D then G
Toggle Axes D then A D then A
Toggle Compass D then C D then C
Frame selected F F
Toggle Isolation I I
Toggle scene light or headlight L L
Toggle between Perspective and orthogonal view P P
Apply left or right side view X X
Apply top or bottom view Y Y
Apply front or back view Z Z
Reset Camera view H H
Select all Ctrl + A Command + A
Select wireframe mode 4 4
Select shaded mode 5 5
Select textured mode 6 6
Toggle wireframe on shaded 7 7
Show or hide map layers F9 F9
Show or hide graph networks F10 F10
Show or hide shapes F11 F11
Show or hide models F12 F12
Select selection tool or toggle selection modes Q Q
Select translate tool W W
Select rotate tool E E
Select scale tool R R
Select the polygonal Shape creation tool S S
Select the rectangular Shape creation tool Shift + S Shift + S
Select the polygonal street creation tool G G
Select the manual street creation tool Shift + G Shift + G
Measure Distance tool M then D M then D
Measure Area tool M then A M then A
Local edits tool O O
Select a higher level in the Local Edits Tool Page Up key Page Up key
Select the lower level in the Local Edits Tool Page Down key Page Down key
Select the previous pattern Home Home
Select next pattern End End



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