25 Era-Ignite Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Era-Ignite Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Era-Ignite Shortcuts

Action Era-Ignite Shortcuts
Add new record Ctrl + A
Open a new search screen Ctrl + S
Browse backward Ctrl + B
Browse forward Ctrl + F
Copy highlighted text Ctrl + C
Cut highlighted text Ctrl + X
Paste text Ctrl + V
Undo current field Ctrl + Z
Access Application Navigator Alt + End
Access drop-down menus at top of the screen Alt + A-Z
Move through open windows Alt + Tab
Move to the next required field Ctrl + Enter
Highlight the first item in a list or the first cell in the table Ctrl + Home
Move forward through tabs on the screen Ctrl + Tab
Move backward through tabs on the screen Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Move forward through subscreens Page Down key
Move backward through subscreens Page Up key
Move to the first item in the drop-down list Home
Move to the last item in the drop-down list End
Expand current selection Shift + Right Arrow key
Collapse current selection Shift + Left Arrow key
Move forward one field at a time Tab
Move backward one field at a time Shift + Tab
Toggle items on/off Spacebar
Close the active subscreen window Esc



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