117 HitFilm Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn HitFilm Pro Shortcuts for Windows

Most used HitFilm Pro Shortcuts

Action HitFilm Pro Shortcuts
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
New Project Ctrl + N
Open Project Ctrl + O
Save Project Ctrl + S
Save As Ctrl + Alt + S
Exit Alt + F4
Delete Delete
Rename F2
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Select All Ctrl + A
Reset Ctrl + R
Set In Point I
Set Out Point O
Previous Frame ,
Next Frame .
Jump Back by 10 Frames Shift + ,
Jump Forward by 10 Frames Shift + .
Move Playhead to Start of Timeline Home
Move Playhead to End of Timeline End
Move Playhead to In-Point Shift + I
Move Playhead to Out Point Shift + O
Play/Pause Spacebar
Toggle Loop Playback Ctrl + L
Shuttle Left J
Shuttle Right L
Shuttle Stop K
Zoom to Fit
Zoom In =
Zoom Out
Create a New Composite Shot Ctrl + Shift + N
Create New Plane Ctrl + Shift + A
Import Media Ctrl + O
Convert to Composite Shot Ctrl + M
Close Active Panel Ctrl + W
Close All Open Composite Shot Panels Ctrl + Shift + W
Switch to Home Screen Ctrl + 1
Switch to Edit Screen Ctrl + 3

Common Timeline Shortcuts

Action HitFilm Pro Shortcuts
Jump to Time Ctrl + J
Previous Edit Point Page Up key
Next Edit Point Page Down key
Set In and Out Points to Content P
Increase Timeline Scale Ctrl + Shift + =
Decrease Timeline Scale Ctrl + –
Scroll to Playhead Ctrl + Home
Previous Keyframe Alt + ,
Next Keyframe Alt + .
Add/Remove Keyframe Alt + T
Slice Selected Clips/Layers Ctrl + Shift + D
Remove Attributes Ctrl + Shift + X
Paste Attributes Ctrl + Shift + V
Cycle Properties Filter U
Remove All Color Labels From the Selection 0
Apply Color Label 1 to the Selection 1
Apply Color Label 2 to the Selection 2
Apply Color Label 3 to the Selection 3
Apply Color Label 4 to the Selection 4
Apply Color Label 5 to the Selection 5
Apply Color Label 6 to the Selection 6
Apply Color Label 7 to the Selection 7
Apply Color Label 8 to the Selection 8
Apply Color Label 9 to the Selection 9

Composite Shot Timeline Shortcuts

Action HitFilm Pro Shortcuts
Select Tool V
Hand Tool H
Slice Tool C
Snap On/Off Shift + S
Open New Layer Menu Ctrl + Alt + N
New Plane Layer Ctrl + Alt + A
New Camera Layer Ctrl + Alt + C
New Light Layer Ctrl + Alt + L
New Grade Layer Ctrl + Alt + G
New Text Layer Ctrl + Alt + T
New Point Layer Ctrl + Alt + P
Make Composite Shot Ctrl + M
Rate Stretch Tool S

Editor Sequence Timeline Shortcuts

Action HitFilm Pro Shortcuts
Select Tool V
Hand Tool H
Snap On/Off Shift + S
Slice Tool C
Slip Edit Tool Y
Slide Edit Tool Shift + U
Ripple Edit Tool R
Roll Edit Tool E
Ripple Delete Alt + Delete
Rate Stretch Tool S
Track Select Forwards Tool A
Track Select Backwards Tool Shift + A
Link Video and Audio Clips Ctrl + \
Unlink Video and Audio Clips Ctrl + Shift + \
New Plane Clip Ctrl + Alt + A
New Text Clip Ctrl + Alt + T
New Grade Clip Ctrl + Alt + G
Open in Trimmer Ctrl + T

Viewer Panel Shortcuts

Action HitFilm Pro Shortcut keys
Select Tool V
Hand Tool H
Text Tool T
Rectangle Mask Tool R
Rounded Rectangle Mask Tool G
Ellipse Mask Tool E
Polygon Mask Tool D
Star Mask Tool S
Freehand Mask Tool F
Orbit tool B
Set Mask Point(s) to Linear Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L
Set Mask Point(s) to Curved Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C
Toggle Full Screen Preview Alt + Ctrl + F
Move Position Left by 1 Pixel Left Arrow key
Move Position Right by 1 Pixel Right Arrow key
Move Position Up by 1 Pixel Up Arrow key
Move Position Down by 1 Pixel Down Arrow key
Move Position Left by 10 Pixels Shift + Left Arrow key
Move Position Right by 10 Pixels Shift + Right Arrow key
Move the Position Up by 10 Pixels Shift + Up Arrow key
Move the Position Down by 10 Pixels Shift + Down Arrow key



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