70 Cobalt Keyboard Shortcuts – Cobalt Commands

for Windows

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Most used Cobalt Shortcuts

Action Cobalt Keyboard Shortcuts
Go to G
Fetch F
Device D
Display List J
Effect E
Attribute I
Capture C
Last L
Macro Q
Mask K
Output O
Update U
Wizard W
Time T
Sequence S
Playback X
Preset P
Record R
Refresh V
Park Z
Align Ctrl + A
At Level Ctrl + L
Copy Ctrl + C
Delay Ctrl + D
Fan Ctrl + F
Go Ctrl + G
Go Back Ctrl + B
In Ctrl + I
Ind 7 Ctrl + F7
Ind 8 Ctrl + F8
Ind 9 Ctrl + F9
Numeric Input Ctrl + 1..0
Out Ctrl + O
Release Ctrl + R
Paste Ctrl + V
Pause Ctrl + P
Select All Ctrl + N
Solo Alt + Y
Text Alt + T
Beam Alt + B
Color Alt + C
Exit Congo Alt + X
Focus Alt + F
Highlight Alt + H
Palette Alt + P
Page (M1-20) M
Page (M21-40) Ctrl + M
Delete Delete
Set-Up F1 + 1
Help F1
Live F2
Blind F3
Format F4
Home Attribute F5
Load F6
Group F7
Master F8
Column F9
Browser F10
Track F12
Save Backspace, U
Save As Backspace, R
Select Shift
Sequence Down X and Up Arrow key
Sequence Up X and Down Arrow key
Master Keys 1..10 1..0
Modify Enter
Mute Y
Next N
Note Alt + – + N


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