51 TopSolid Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Operation Manager Shortcuts

Action TopSolid Shortcuts
Comment Edition F2
Operation Search F3
Link edition F4
Show Layers Dialog Box Ctrl + L
Display Information On Selected Operation Ctrl + I
Display Database Structure On Selected Operation Ctrl + D
Cut Selected Operations Ctrl + X
Paste Selected Operation Ctrl + V

Simulation Shortcuts

Action TopSolid Shortcuts
Stop or Start a Simulation Spacebar
Jump to The Next Move /
Jump to The Next New Z Point Z
Increase The Simulation Speed +
Reduce The Simulation Speed
Left The Simulation Esc
Jump to The Simulation of The Next Operation Tab

Part Clamping Shortcuts

Action TopSolid Shortcuts
Rotate The Selected Clamp In The Counter Clockwise Direction +
Rotate The Selected Clamp In The Clockwise Direction
Open The Face Selection Where to Put The Clamp F
Lock/Unlock X-Axis for Clamp Positioning X
Lock/Unlock Y-Axis for Clamp Positioning Y
Lock/Unlock Z-Axis for Clamp Positioning Z
On-Line Help F1
Information on Selected Element F2
Zoom F3 & LMB
Pan F4 & LMB
Axial Rotation Along X F5 & LMB
Axial Rotation Along Y F6 & LMB
Axial Rotation Along Z F7 & LMB
Graphical Section F8 & LMB
Spherical Rotation F9 & LMB
Recorganize The Floating Icon Bars F11
Display/Hide The Floating Icon Bars F12
Undo Step By Step Ctrl + Z
Exit of The Current Function Esc
Cancel All Actions of The Current Function Ctrl + A
Open/Close Symbolic Tree Ctrl + O
Fit Screen Zoom Ctrl + 1
Toggle Between Open TopSolid Documents Ctrl + Tab
Spherical Rotation Ctrl + LMB
Pan Shift + LMB
Zoom Ctrl + Shift + LMB

Verification Shortcuts

Action TopSolid Shortcuts
Go Back to The Initial State Left Arrow key
Stop or Start a Verification Spacebar
Next Cut /
Show The Tool Path T
Change The Tool Path Display S
Display The Current WCS A
Zoom on An Area of The Part Z
Execute An Hardcopy P
Increase The Verification Speed +
Decrease The Verification Speed


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