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52 Xfce Keyboard Shortcuts

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Window Manipulation Shortcuts

Action Xfce Shortcut keys
Window operations menu Alt + Spacebar
Dismiss/cancel dialog Esc
Switch to the next window Alt + Tab
Switch to the previous window Shift + Alt + Tab
Next window of the current application Super + Tab
Close window Alt + F4
Move window Alt + F7
Resize window Alt + F8
Hide window Alt + F9
Maximize window Alt + F10
Raise/lower window Alt + Shift + Page Down Key
Toggle fullscreen Alt + F11
Toggle above Alt + F12
Show desktop Ctrl + Alt + D

Move the window to workplace Shortcuts

Action Xfce Shortcuts
Stick window (show in all workspace) Alt + F6
Maximize window horizontally Alt + F5
Move window to next workspace Ctrl + Alt + End
Move the window to the previous workspace Ctrl + Alt + Home
Move window to workspace 1 Ctrl + Alt + 1
Move window to workspace 2 Ctrl + Alt + 2

Switching workspace Shortcuts

Action Xfce Shortcut keys
Switch to workspace 1-9 Alt + F1… to F9
Next workspace Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow key
Previous workspace Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow Key
Upper workspace Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow Key
Bottom workspace Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow Key
Left workspace Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow key
Right workspace Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow Key
Go to workspace 1 Ctrl + F1
Go to workspace 2 Ctrl + F2
Add a workspace Alt + Insert
Delete last workspace Alt + Delete
Lock the screen Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Application Shortcuts

Action Xfce Shortcuts
File manager Super + F
Mail reader Super + M
Terminal emulator Ctrl + Alt + T
Web browser Super + W
LibreOffice Calc Super + 4
LibreOffice Writer Super + 5
Mousepad Super + E
Parole Super + 1
App Finder Super + R
Popup applications menu Alt + F1
Whisker menu Ctrl + Esc
xfce4-screenshooter -f Print Screen key
xfce4-screenshooter -w Alt + Print Screen key
Start xflock4 Ctrl + Alt + L
Start xfrun4 Alt + F2
Start xkill Ctrl + Alt + Esc

Others Shortcuts

Action Xfce Shortcut keys
XF86Display xfce4-display-settings –minimal Super + P
Show context mMenu. xfdesktop –menu Super + P
Lock screen. xflock4 Super + P
Start prompt to run command. xfrun4 Super + P



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