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20 WhatsApp Desktop Shortcuts

There are a bunch of WhatsApp desktop shortcuts to perform various actions like mark as unread, mute chat, delete the chat, start a new chat, pin and unpin chat, etc. WhatsApp expanded its interface to web browsers and desktop applications a few years ago, and since then, it has been widely adopted. Open Web WhatsApp on your operating system.

Download WhatsApp Desktop Shortcuts PDF

We have listed all the WhatsApp shortcut keys for desktop users to take full advantage. You can download the WhatsApp Desktop Shortcut keys for Windows users in PDF format.

Most used WhatsApp Desktop Shortcuts

Action WhatsApp Desktop Shortcuts
Starts a New chat Ctrl + N
Starts a new Group Ctrl + Shift + N
Go to the previous chat Ctrl + Shift + [
Go to the next chat Ctrl + Shift + ]
Archive chat Ctrl + E
Mute chat Ctrl + Shift + M
Change Read status Ctrl + Shift + U
Delete chat Ctrl + Delete
Open Profile Ctrl + P
Delete a chat Ctrl + Backspace
Increase font size Ctrl + =
Decrease font size Ctrl + –
Default font size Ctrl + 0
Exit the application Alt + F4
Use * to bold the Text *Text*
Use _ to italicize the Text _Text_
Use ~ to strikethrough the Text ~Text~
Use “` to format Text into the monospaced font “`Text“`
Show emojis related to Text :Text
Change focus Tab
Focus emoji button Shift + Tab
Search Ctrl + F

Note: You can only run WhatsApp in the browser if you are active on your mobile phone.

The above WhatsApp shortcut keys can be used by both beginners and experienced WhatsApp web users. Learning the shortcuts will enhance your experience. An alternative to WhatsApp Web is Signal. Have you checked out our recent blog on how to use the Signal app?



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