27 Centricity EMR Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Centricity EMR Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Centricity EMR Shortcuts

Action Centricity EMR Shortcut keys
Move to the next tab in the patient chart F8
Move to the previous tab in the patient chart Shift + F8
Open the New Alerts/Flag window Ctrl + F9
Open the View Alerts/Flags window for the selected patient Ctrl + F11
End a chart update Ctrl + E
Open the Find Patient window Ctrl + F
Open the Graph Observation window Ctrl + G
Open the Print Patient Education Handout window Ctrl + H
Print Ctrl + P
View Patient Protocol results Ctrl + T
Begin a chart update Ctrl + U
Open the Find Medication Window Ctrl + Alt + L
View unsigned changes (only during a chart update) Ctrl + Shift + C
Begins a chart update to refill or update prescriptions Ctrl + Shift + H
Open and edit selected unsigned documents in Chart Update Alt + E
Update Problems Ctrl + Shift + P
Update Medications Ctrl + Shift + M
Update Orders Ctrl + Shift + O
Update Flowsheet Ctrl + Shift + F
Update Allergies Ctrl + Shift + A
Update Directives Ctrl + Shift + D

Update Tab Shortcuts

Action Centricity EMR Shortcuts
Sign the selected document Ctrl + S
Append the selected document Ctrl + J
Find text in the document Ctrl + Q
Route document Ctrl + R
Change the properties of the document Ctrl + D
Open the selected document in a separate viewer window Ctrl + Shift + ,



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