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50 Atlassian JIRA Agile Shortcuts

List of JIRA Agile Shortcuts

Learn Jira Agile Shortcuts for Web Application

Most used Jira Agile Shortcuts

Action Jira Agile Shortcut keys
Go to JIRA Dashboard G then D
Go to Agile Boards G then A
Go to Issue Navigator G then I
Go to browse a Project G then P
Go to Administrator Quick Search G then G
Quick Search /
Create An Issue C
Quick Operations .
Form Submit Alt + S
Open Shortcut Help ?

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Jira Agile Shortcut keys
View Selected Issue O
Previous Issue K
Next Issue J
Search For Issues U
Previous Activity P
Next Activity N
Focus Search Field F
Dock or Undock the Filters Panel [
Toggle Issue Fullscreen Z
Bulk Send Issues in Email W
Switch Filter View T
Detail View Order by Y
Select Issue Detail View Right Arrow key
Select List View Left Arrow key
Escape field Esc

Board Shortcuts

Action Jira Agile Shortcut keys
Backlog 1
Active Sprints or Kanban Board 2
Reports 3
Presentation Mode Z
Next Column N
Previous Column P
Hide or Show Detail View T
Expand or Collapse All Swimlane
Submit Changes Enter
Cancel Changes Esc
Send to Top S + T
Send to Bottom S + B

Issue Action Shortcuts

Action Jira Agile Shortcut keys
Edit Issue E
Assign Issue A
Comment on Issue M
Send Issue in Email Q
Share Issue S
Edit Issue Labels L
Jump to Fields for Editing ,
Assign to Me I

Download Atlassian JIRA Agile Shortcuts PDF

Download JIRA Agile Shortcut keys PDF



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