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58 Mp3tag Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Mp3tag Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Mp3tag Shortcuts

Action Mp3tag Shortcuts
Select all Ctrl + A
Invert selection Ctrl + Shift + A
Restore all input fields Ctrl + B
Copy tag or selected text Ctrl + C
Copy file Ctrl + Shift + C
Change directory Ctrl + D
Upper directory Ctrl + Shift + D
Remove the file (without deleting it) Delete
Delete file (to Windows Recycle Bin if globally activated) Ctrl + Delete
Delete file (WARNING: the file will be removed from your hard drive!) Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Export Ctrl + E
Export (with an export file for each different directory) Ctrl + Shift + E
Favorite directory Ctrl + F
Add directory Ctrl + H
freedb … / web source Ctrl + I
freedb … / web source (Quick) Ctrl + Shift + I
Auto-numbering wizard Ctrl + K
Auto-numbering wizard (with counter reset for each subfolder) Ctrl + Shift + K
FreeDB (local) … Ctrl + L
Select next file Ctrl + N
Options Ctrl + O
Playlist (all files) Ctrl + P
Playlist (all files) with one playlist for each subfolder Ctrl + Shift + P
Show/hide tag input mask Ctrl + Q
Remove tag Ctrl + R
Save tag Ctrl + S
Read tag Ctrl + T
Play Ctrl + Shift + T
Unselect all Ctrl + U
Paste tag or text Ctrl + V
Move file Ctrl + Shift + V
Cut tag or selected text Ctrl + X
Undo Ctrl + Z
Rename file F2
Filter F3
Play selected file(s) F4
Forward in directory history Alt + Left Arrow key
Backward in directory history Alt + Right Arrow key
File Properties Alt + Enter
Extended Tag dialog to edit extended and user-defined tag fields as well as embedded cover art Alt + T
Change the order of files in the list of files Alt + Down Arrow key
Move selected files to the end of the list of files Alt + Page Down key
Move selected files to beginning of the list of files Alt + Page Up key
Remove format strings that are no longer needed from drop-down lists Shift + Delete

Useful Helpers Shortcuts

Action Mp3tag Shortcuts
Displays format string helper menu (e.g., at converters or actions) Ctrl + Spacebar
Quick forward navigation between sub-windows (Tag Panel, Filter, File View) Ctrl + Tab
Quick backward navigation between sub-windows (Tag Panel, Filter, File View) Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Automatically size the file view columns to match the content Ctrl + +

Convert Shortcuts

Action Mp3tag Shortcuts
Tag – Filename Alt + 1
Filename – Tag Alt + 2
Filename – Filename Alt + 3
Text file – Tag Alt + 4
Tag – Tag Alt + 5
Actions Alt + 6
Quick action Alt + Shift + 6
Tag – Filename (Preview) Alt + Shift + 1
Filename – Tag (Preview) Alt + Shift + 2
Filename – Filename (Preview) Alt + Shift + 3


What is Mp3tag?

Mp3tag is a free and powerful music file tag editor that allows users to edit metadata such as artist name, album name, year, and more.

How do I download Mp3tag?

You can download Mp3tag from the official website at The software is available for Windows.

Is Mp3tag free?

Yes, Mp3tag is completely free to use.

Can I edit multiple files at once with Mp3tag?

Yes, Mp3tag allows you to edit multiple files at once using its batch processing feature.

Does Mp3tag support all music file formats?

Mp3tag supports a wide range of music file formats, including MP3, MP4, FLAC, OGG, and more.

Can I create playlists with Mp3tag?

No, Mp3tag is a tag editor and does not have the capability to create playlists. However, you can use Mp3tag to tag the files you want to include in your playlist and then use a media player to create the playlist.

Is Mp3tag safe to use?

Yes, Mp3tag is safe to use. It is a well-known and reputable software that has been around for many years. However, it is always a good idea to download software from reputable sources and keep your computer's antivirus software up to date.



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