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18 Telegram Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Telegram Shortcuts

Learn Telegram Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used Telegram Shortcuts

Action Telegram Shortcut keys
Go to your Saved Messages Ctrl + 0
Move to the next chat Ctrl + Tab
Move to the previous chat Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Search selected chat Ctrl + F
Exit the selected chat and search Telegram Esc
Exit display of current chat/channel Esc
Navigation in chat/channel list Page Up & Down key
Delete selected message Delete
Quit Telegram Ctrl + Q
Lock Telegram (if the local password is set) Ctrl + L
Iconify (minimize) Telegram Ctrl + M
Iconify (minimize) Telegram to system tray Ctrl + W
Edit the previous message Up Arrow key
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Create or edit a custom link Ctrl + K
Monospace font Ctrl + Shift + M
Clear formatting Ctrl + Shift + N



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