12 Airodump-ng Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Airodump-ng Shortcuts

Learn Airodump-ng Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used Airodump-ng Shortcuts

Action Airodump-ng Shortcut Keys
Select active areas by cycling through these display options: AP+STA; AP+STA+ACK; AP only; STA only A
Reset sorting to defaults D
Invert sorting algorithm I
Mark the selected AP or cycle through different colors if the selected AP is already marked M
(De-)Activate real-time sorting – applies sorting algorithm every time the display is redrawn R
Change column to sort by, which currently includes: First seen; BSSID; PWR level; Beacons; Data packets; Packet rate; Channel; Max. data rate; Encryption; Strongest Ciphersuite; Strongest Authentication; ESSID S
Pause display redrawing/ Resume redrawing Spacebar
Enable/Disable scrolling through the AP list Tab
Select the AP before the currently marked AP in the displayed list if available Up Arrow key
Select the AP after the currently marked AP if available Down Arrow key
Toggle color on O
Toggle color off P



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