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27 STM32CubeMX Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn STM32CubeMX Shortcuts for Windows

Most used STM32CubeMX Shortcuts

Action STM32CubeMX Shortcut keys
New project Ctrl + N
Load project Ctrl + L
Import project Ctrl + I
Save project Ctrl + S
Save project as Ctrl + A
Close Project Ctrl + C
Generate report Ctrl + R
Exit (proposes to save if needed) Ctrl + X
(on contextual help box) Show additional information Ctrl + D
Keep current signal placement Ctrl + K
Undo mode and pinout Ctrl + Z
Redo mode and pinout Ctrl + Y
Disable all modes Ctrl + D
Clear pinouts Ctrl + P
Pins / Signals option Ctrl + O
Clear single-mapped signals Ctrl + M
List pinout compatible Alt + L
Export pinout without Alternate functions Ctrl + U
Reset used GPIOs Alt + G
Open the STM32CubeMX user manual F1
Show version information Alt + A
Docs & Resources Alt + D
Video tutorials Alt + V
Refresh data, and download all official documentation at once Alt + R
Check for updates Alt + C
Manage embedded software packages Alt + U
Updater settings Alt + S



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