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25 Gerrit Web UI Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Gerrit Web UI Shortcuts
Next file J
Previous file K
Next patch set N
Previous patch set P
Open commit message ]
Open the last file [
Open diff Enter
Reload change R
Up to change list U

Jumping Shortcuts

Action Gerrit Web UI Shortcut keys
Go to all abandoned changes G then A
Go to all merged changes G then M
Go to all open changes G then O
Go to draft comments G then C
Go to drafts G then D
Go to my dashboard G then I
Go to starred changes G then S
Go to watched changes G then W

Actions Shortcuts

Action Gerrit Web UI Shortcut keys
Add reviewers C
Collapse all messages Z
Expand all messages X
Review and publish comments A
Star or unstar change S
Toggle reviewed flag R


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