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70 Celluloid Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used Celluloid Shortcuts

Action Celluloid Shortcuts
Open file Ctrl + O
Open location Ctrl + L
Add file to the playlist Ctrl + Shift + O
Add location to playlist Ctrl + Shift + L
Show preferences dialog Ctrl + P
Toggle controls Ctrl + H
Toggle playlist F9
Fullscreen F11
Leave fullscreen mode Esc
Toggle OSD states between normal and playback time/duration Shift + O
Show the filename on the OSD Shift + I
Show progress, elapsed time, and duration on the OSD O

Seeking Shortcuts

Action Celluloid Shortcuts
Seek backward 5 seconds Left Arrow key
Seek forward 5 seconds Right Arrow key
Exact seek backward 1 second Shift + Left Arrow key
Exact seek forward 1 second Shift + Right Arrow key
Seek forward 1 minute Up Arrow key
Seek backward 1 minute Down Arrow key
Exact seek forward 5 seconds Shift + Up Arrow key
Exact seek backward 5 seconds Shift + Down Arrow key
Seek the previous subtitle Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Seek to next subtitle Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Step backward/forward a single frame ,
Seek the beginning of the previous chapter Page Up key
Seek the beginning of the next chapter Page Down key

Playback Shortcuts

Action Celluloid Shortcuts
Decrease playback speed by 10% [
Increase playback speed by 10% ]
Halve current playback speed {
Double current playback speed }
Reset playback speed to normal Backspace
Go backward/forward in the playlist <
Remove the selected playlist item Delete
Save playlist Ctrl + Shift + S
Set/clear A-B loop points L
Toggle infinite looping Shift + L
Pause or unpause P
Quit Spacebar
Save the current playback position and quit Q

Playlist Shortcuts

Action Celluloid Shortcut Keys
Enter search mode Ctrl + F
Jump to the next match Ctrl + G
Jump to the previous match Ctrl + Shift + G
Exit search mode Esc

Audio Shortcuts

Action Celluloid Shortcut Keys
Cycle through audio tracks #
Decrease volume /
Increase volume *
Decrease volume 9
Increase volume 0
Mute/unmute M
Adjust audio delay by +/- 0.1 seconds Ctrl + +

Subtitles Shortcuts

Action Celluloid Shortcuts
Toggle subtitle visibility V
Cycle through available subtitles J
Adjust subtitle delay by +/- 0.1 seconds Z
Toggle SSA/ASS subtitles style override U
Move subtitles up/down R
Toggle VSFilter aspect compatibility mode Shift + V

Videos Shortcuts

Action Celluloid Shortcuts
Cycle through video tracks _
Decrease/increase pan-and-scan range W
Decrease/increase pan-and-scan range Shift + W
Take a screenshot S
Take a screenshot, without subtitles Shift + S
Take a screenshot, as the window shows it Ctrl + S
Resize the video to half its original size Alt + 0
Resize the video to its original size Alt + 1
Resize the video to double its original size Alt + 2
Adjust contrast 1
Adjust brightness 3
Adjust gamma 5
Adjust saturation 7
Activate or deactivate deinterlacer D
Cycle aspect ratio override Shift + A



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