40 WinRAR Shortcuts You Should know

The main area where WinRAR shortcuts are used is when we need to reduce the size of the attachment while emailing. When it comes to compression there is nothing better than WinRAR. The speed of compression and decompression will vary depending on the operating system.

List of WinRAR Shortcuts

With the help of the below-listed WinRAR shortcuts, achieving and extracting files even got easier and more convenient. In short, WinRAR just got easier. Download the WinRAR shortcut list in PDF form.

File Menu Shortcuts

Action WinRAR Shortcut keys
Open archive Ctrl + O
Change drive Ctrl + D
Set default password Ctrl + P
Copy files Ctrl + C
Paste files from the clipboard Ctrl + V
Select all Ctrl + A
Select group +
Deselect group
Invert selection *

Tools Menu Shortcuts

Action WinRAR Shortcut keys
Scan archive for viruses Alt + D
Convert archives Alt + Q
Repair archive Alt + R
Convert archive to SFX Alt + X
Find files F3
Show information Alt + I
Generate report Alt + G
Benchmark Alt + B

Menu Bar Shortcuts

Action WinRAR Shortcut keys
File menu Alt + F
Commands menu Alt + C
Tools menu Alt + S
Favourites menu Alt + O
Options menu Alt + N
Help menu Alt + H

Commands Menu Shortcuts

Action WinRAR Shortcut keys
Add files to archive Alt + A
Extract to the specified folder Alt + E
Test archived files Alt + T
View file Alt + V
Delete files Delete
Rename file F2
Print file Ctrl + I
Extract without confirmation Alt + W
Add archive comment Alt + M
Protect archive from damage Alt + P
Lock archive Alt + L

Options Menu Shortcuts

Action WinRAR Shortcut keys
Settings Ctrl + S
File list – Flat folders view Ctrl + H
Folder tree Ctrl + T
View log Ctrl + L

Most used WinRAR Shortcuts

Action WinRAR Shortcut keys
Help topics F1
Close Winrar Ctrl + W
Add to Favorites Ctrl + F

Download WinRAR Shortcuts PDF for Windows

Download WinRAR Shortcuts PDF

The above list of WinRAR shortcuts was listed in order to help you learn the shortcuts easily. Hence, WinRAR saves your disc space, transmission cost, and some valuable working time. WinZip is an alternative to WinRAR.



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