27 Apple Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts

for MacOS

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Learn Apple Calendar Shortcuts for Mac

Most used Apple Calendar Shortcuts

Action Apple Calendar Shortcuts
Go to the next day, week, month, or year Command + Right Arrow key
Go to the previous day, week, month, or year Command + Left Arrow key
Go to today’s date Command + T
Go to a specific date Command + Shift + T
Switch to Day view Command + 1
Switch to Week view Command + 2
Switch to Month view Command + 3
Switch to Year view Command + 4
Switch to full-screen view Command + F
Refresh all calendars Command + R
Add a new calendar group Command + Shift + N
Add a new subscribed calendar Option + Command + S

Event Shortcuts

Action Apple Calendar Shortcut keys
Add a new event Command + N
Edit the selected event Command + E
Edit the selected event in a new window Option + Command + I
Go to the next field Tab
Go to the previous field Shift + Tab
Close the event editor Esc
Select the next event Tab
Select the previous event Shift + Tab
Select the next or previous event Arrow keys
Move the selected event 15 minutes earlier Ctrl + Option + Up Arrow key
Move the selected event 15 minutes later Ctrl + Option + Down Arrow key
Open Calendar preferences Command + ‘
Show information for a calendar or event Command + I
Show or hide the Address panel Option + Command + A
Show or hide the Availability panel Shift + Command + A



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