70 Siemens NX Keyboard Shortcuts

Siemens NX is a CAD software integrated for product design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions, aiming to deliver better, faster, and more efficient products. Remembering the Siemens NX Shortcuts list is no big deal, as on average, every user employs 15-20 features each day. Keyboard Shortcuts are the easiest and most efficient ways to speed up tasks. With Siemens NX Shortcuts, the need to hunt for specific tools during design work is eliminated.

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Many of us find mouse clicks cumbersome at times. This is where keyboard shortcuts come in handy. Below is the list of Siemens NX Shortcuts, learning which can greatly streamline your workflow and make your work process clear and comfortable. Let’s download this Siemens NX Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Siemens NX File Menu Shortcuts

Action Siemens NX Shortcuts
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save As Ctrl + Shift + S
Plot Ctrl + P
Execute Grip Ctrl + G
Execute Debug Grip Ctrl + Shift + G
Execute NX Open Ctrl + U

Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action Siemens NX shortcut keys
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Delete Ctrl + D
Feature on Top Priority Shift + F
Face on Top Priority Shift + G
Body on Top Priority Shift + B
Edge on Top Priority Shift + E
Component on Top Priority Shift + C
Select All Ctrl + A
Object Display Ctrl + J
Show or Hide Ctrl + W
Immediate Hide Ctrl + Shift + I
Hide Ctrl + B
Show Ctrl + Shift + K
Show All Ctrl + Shift + U
Invert Shown and Hidden Ctrl + Shift + B
Move Object Ctrl + T

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View Menu Shortcuts

Action Siemens NX shortcut keys
Fit Ctrl + F
Zoom Ctrl + Shift + Z
Rotate Ctrl + R
Edit Section Ctrl + H
Ray Traced Studio Ctrl + Shift + W
High-Quality Image Ctrl + Shift + H
New Layout Ctrl + Shift + N
Open Layout Ctrl + Shift + O
Fit All Views Layout Ctrl + Shift + F
Information Window Ctrl + Shift + S
Current Dialog Box F3
Move Clip Left Shift + F1
Full Screen Alt + Enter
Maximize Resource Bar Tab F11
Reset Orientation Ctrl + F8

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Tools Menu Shortcuts

Action Siemens NX shortcut keys
Expressions Ctrl + E
Play Journal Alt + F8
Edit Journal Alt + F11
Macro-Start Record Ctrl + Shift + R
Macro-Playback Ctrl + Shift + P
Record Movie Alt + F5
Pause Movie Alt + F6
Stop Movie Alt + F7
Customize Ctrl + 1

Application Menu Shortcuts

Action Siemens NX shortcuts
Modeling Ctrl + M
Shape Studio Ctrl + Alt + S
Drafting Ctrl + Shift + D
Manufacturing Ctrl + Alt + M
Inspection Ctrl + Alt + I
Sheet Metal Ctrl + Shift + M
Flexible Printed Circuit Design Ctrl + Alt + P

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Format Menu Shortcuts

Action Siemens NX shortcuts
Layer Settings Ctrl + L
WCS Display W
Finish Sketch Ctrl + Q
Extrude X
Normal view to Sketch Shift + F8
Move-in Orthographic Direction Drag + Shift
Copy in another Position Drag + Ctrl
Copy Along Orthographic Direction Drag + Shift + Ctrl

Others Shortcuts

Action Siemens NX shortcuts
Context Help F1
User Interface Ctrl + 2
Visualization Ctrl + Shift + V
Selection Ctrl + Shift + T
Object Ctrl + Shift + J
Refresh curvature Graphs Ctrl + Shift + C

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