20 Flash Movie Player Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Flash Movie Player shortcuts are used by almost everyone worldwide for creating 2D animations in the film industry, built components in web designing, and in the advertisement industry. It also helps in streaming audio and video.

Download Flash Movie Player Shortcuts PDF

Web designers use the below list of Flash Movie Player Shortcuts for creating navigation controls, animated logos, animations, and much more. Download this list of Flash Movie Player Shortcut keys list in the form of a PDF.

Most used Flash Movie Player Shortcuts

Action Flash Movie Player Shortcut keys
Open a file Ctrl + O
Open from web Ctrl + Shift + O
Play or Pause an open animation Spacebar
Volume Up Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Volume Down Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Mute Ctrl + M
Stop the playback Period
Previous movie Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Next movie Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Rewind 1 frame Alt + Left Arrow key
Forward 1 frame Alt + Right Arrow key
Rewind 20 frames Left Arrow key
Forward 20 frames Right Arrow key
Enter or Exit fullscreen mode Alt + Enter
Return from Fullscreen mode Esc
Show or hide the seek bar and controls Alt
Show or hide the Playlist Editor window Alt + E
Toggle Game Mode Alt + G
Take a snapshot Alt + S

Since 2020 Adobe has stopped providing Flash content on its platform. Due to this reason, the demand for a reliable replacement has increased. However, you need to choose a replacement that fulfills the purpose of your usage. I would personally choose Amarok. Peep into Amarok shortcuts list.


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