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54 Windows PowerShell ISE Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Windows PowerShell ISE Shortcuts for Windows

Editing Text Shortcuts

Action Windows PowerShell Shortcuts
(Script pane) Help F1
(Script pane, Command Pane, Output Pane) Copy Ctrl + C
(Script pane) Cut Ctrl + X
(Script pane) Expand or Collapse Outlining Ctrl + M
(Script pane) Find in Script Ctrl + F
(Script pane) Find Next in Script F3
(Script pane) Find Previous in Script Shift + F3
(Script pane) Find Matching Brace Ctrl + ]
(Script pane, Command Pane) Paste Ctrl + V
(Script pane, Command Pane) Redo Ctrl + Y
(Script pane) Replace in Script Ctrl + H
(Script pane) Save Ctrl + S
(Script pane, Command Pane, Output Pane) Select All Ctrl + A
(Script pane, Command Pane) Show Snippets Ctrl + J
(Script pane, Command Pane) Undo Ctrl + Z

Running Scripts Shortcuts

Action PowerShell ISE Shortcuts
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Run F5
Run Selection F8
Stop Execution. Ctrl + C can be used when the context is unambiguous Ctrl + Break
Tab (to next script) Ctrl + Tab
Tab (to the previous script) Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Customizing the View Shortcuts

Action PowerShell ISE Shortcuts
Go to Command (v2) or Console (v3 and later) Pane Ctrl + D
Go to Output Pane (v2 only) Ctrl + Shift + O
Go to Script Pane Ctrl + I
Show Script Pane Ctrl + R
Hide Script Pane Ctrl + R
Move Script Pane Up Ctrl + 1
Move the Script Pane to the Right Ctrl + 2
Maximize Script Pane Ctrl + 3
Zoom In Ctrl + +
Zoom Out Ctrl + –

Script Debugging Shortcuts

Action PowerShell ISE Shortcut Keys
Run/Continue F5
Step Into F11
Step Over F10
Step Out Shift + F11
Display Call Stack Ctrl + Shift + D
List Breakpoints Ctrl + Shift + L
Toggle Breakpoint F9
Remove All Breakpoints Ctrl + Shift + F9
Stop Debugger Shift + F5
Continue C
Step Into S
Step Over V
Step Out O
Repeat Last Command (for Step Into or Step Over) Enter
Display Call Stack K
Stop Debugging Q
List the Script L
Display Console Debugging Commands H

Windows Powershell tabs Shortcuts

Action PowerShell ISE Shortcuts
Close PowerShell Tab Ctrl + W
New PowerShell Tab Ctrl + T
Previous PowerShell tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Next Windows PowerShell tab Ctrl + Tab



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