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34 Python IDLE Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Python IDLE Shortcuts for Windows

File Menu Shortcuts

Action Python IDLE Shortcut keys
Create a new editing window Ctrl + N
Open an existing file Ctrl + O
Open module Alt + M
Show classes and methods in the current file Alt + C
Save the current window to the associated file Ctrl + S
Save the current window to a new file, which becomes the associated file Ctrl + Shift + S
Save the current window to a different file without changing the associated file Alt + Shift + S
Print window Ctrl + P
Close current window Alt + F4
Close all windows and quit IDLE (asks to save if unsaved) Ctrl + Q

Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action Python IDLE Shortcuts
Undo the last change to the current window (max 1000 changes) Ctrl + Z
Redo the last undone change to the current window Ctrl + Shift + Z
Copy selection into system-wide clipboard; then delete selection Ctrl + X
Copy selection into system-wide clipboard Ctrl + C
Insert system-wide clipboard into window Ctrl + V
Select the entire contents of the edit buffer Ctrl + A
Open a search dialog box with many options Ctrl + F
Repeat the last search Ctrl + G
Find selection Ctrl + F3
Find in files Alt + F3
Open a search dialog box for searching files Ctrl + H
Go to line Alt + G
Show call tip Ctrl + \
Show surrounding parents Ctrl + 0
Show completions Ctrl + Spacebar
Build Ctrl + B
Run the program F5

Other Python IDLE Shortcuts

Action Python IDLE Shortcuts
Check module Alt + X
Comment region Alt + 3
Uncomment region Alt + 4
Tabify region Alt + 5
Untabify region Alt + 6
Toggle auto coloring Ctrl + /
Toggle tabs Alt + T



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