42 Huggle Keyboard Shortcuts

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Main Shortcuts

Action Huggle Shortcut Keys
Show next diff Spacebar
Revert and warn Q
Revert R
Revert with a custom edit summary Y
Post template message T
Warn without reverting W
Cancel the current action being performed Esc

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Huggle Shortcuts
Browse back [
Browse forward ]
Previous revision Z
Next revision X
Current revision C
Previous contribution Ctrl + Z
Next contribution Ctrl + X
Latest contribution Ctrl + C
Show diff to the current revision D
Open page in an external browser, as mentioned above will prevent further keyboard shortcuts from working O
New tab +
Close tab
Next tab Tab
Previous tab Shift + Tab

Page Shortcuts

Action Huggle Shortcuts
View page (this revision) V
View page (latest revision) Ctrl + V
Edit page E
Tag page G
Tag page for deletion S
Nominate page for deletion Ctrl + S
Prod tag page P
Mark as patrolled Ctrl + P
Delete page Ctrl + D
Watch / Unwatch page I

User Shortcuts

Action Huggle Shortcut keys
Ignore user I
Unignore user Ctrl + I
Show user info /
View user talk page A
Message user N
Report user / Block user B

Other Shortcuts

Action Huggle Shortcuts
Retrieve history for the current page H
Retrieve contributions for the current user U
Toggle “show new edits” K
Show new messages M
Clear queue Ctrl + Spacebar



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