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34 Overleaf Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Overleaf Shortcuts

Learn Overleaf Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used Overleaf Shortcuts

Action Overleaf Shortcuts
Trigger compilation Ctrl + .
Next error/warning Alt + E
Previous error/warning Alt + Shift + E
Toggle % comment on selected line(s) Ctrl + /
Delete current line Ctrl + D
Open autocomplete menu, inside of \cite{…} search the bibliography Ctrl + Spacebar
Indent less Ctrl + [
Indent more Ctrl + ]
Change selected text to uppercase Ctrl + U
Change selected text to lowercase Ctrl + Shift + U
Bold Ctrl + B
Italics Ctrl + I
Cut selected text Ctrl + X
Copy selected text Ctrl + C
Paste copied text Ctrl + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Go to the nearest matching start / close parenthesis, brace, or bracket Ctrl + P
Go to line start Alt + Left Arrow Key
Go to the line end Alt + Right Arrow Key
Go to the document start Ctrl + Home
Go to the document end Ctrl + End
Go to line number Ctrl + L
Find and replace Ctrl + F
Find next Ctrl + G
Find Previous Ctrl + Shift + G
Select all Ctrl + A
Toggle review panel Ctrl + J
Toggle tracking changes Ctrl + Shift + A
Add comment in the review panel Ctrl + Shift + C
Compile the project Ctrl + Enter
Go to the first line of the current file Ctrl + Home
Go to the last line of the current file Ctrl + End
Go to a specific line Ctrl + L



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