95 Panic Coda Keyboard Shortcuts

for MacOS

Panic Coda is a web development tool for coders. The one thing that is missing in the most popular text editor is customizing the Panic Coda Shortcuts. Rest everything like the built-in terminal, easy site publishing, and integrated FTP editor is just perfect.

Download Panic Coda Shortcuts PDF

Given below are the Panic Coda Shortcuts to help you with the web working. Download the Panic Coda Shortcuts list in PDF format in order to be more productive.

Application Shortcuts

Action Panic Coda Shortcuts
Hide Coda Command + H
Hide Others Option + Command + H
Preferences Command + ,
Quit Coda Command + Q

Files Shortcuts

Action Panic Coda Shortcut keys
New File (default type) Command + N
New File Option + Command + N
Open Command + O
New Folder Command + Shift + N
New Window Ctrl + Command + N
New Split Ctrl + Command + S
New Tab Command + T
Save Command + S
Save As Command + Shift + S
Print Command + P
Publish Option + Command + P
Reload Command + R
Go To Folder Option + Command + G
Set Shared Access To Read or Write Ctrl + Command + A
Set Shared Access To Read Only Option + Command + A
Share via Bonjour Command + Shift + E
Page Setup Command + Shift + P
Parent Option + Command + Up Arrow key
Back Option + Command + Left Arrow key
Forward Option + Command + Right Arrow key
Get Info Command + I
Hide or Show File Browser Ctrl + Command + B
Close File Command + W
Close Window Command + Shift + W
Delete Command + Delete

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Editing Shortcuts

Action Panic Coda Shortcuts
Copy Command + C
Paste Command + V
Cut Command + X
Undo Command + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z
Find Command + F
Find in Files Ctrl + Command + F
Find Next Command + G
Find Previous Command + Shift + G
Check Spelling Command + ;
Find & Replace Ctrl + Command + G
Next Symbol Command + D
Previous Symbol Command + Shift + D
Next Word Option + Right Arrow key
Previous Word Option + Left Arrow key
Search Files Option + Command + F
Select All Command + A
Shift Left Command + [
Shift Right Command + ]
Next Change – Shared document Option + Command + C
Previous Change – Shared document Option + Shift + Command + C
Show Colors Command + Shift + C
Show Fonts Command + Shift + T
Show Invisible Characters Option + Command + I
Show Line Numbers Option + Command + L
Special Characters Option + Command + T
Split Document Ctrl + Command + L
Show Spelling and Grammar Command + :
Show Validation Errors Option + Command + V
Use Selection to Find Command + E
Use Selection for Replace Option + Command + E
Uncomment Selection Command + /
Wrap Lines – toggle Option + Command + W
View Source Option + Command + U
Balance Command + B
Beginning of Line Command + Left Arrow key
End of Line Command + Right Arrow key
Bigger Font Command + +
Smaller Font Command + –
Blockedit Selection Command + Shift + B
Clear Change Marks Option + Command + M
Close Tag Option + Command + .
Go To Line Number Command + Shift + L
Hide Find Banner Command + Shift + F
Jump to Selection Command + J
Look Up Selected Word in Reference Books Command + ‘
Preview in Default External Browser Option + Command + B

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Windows Shortcuts

Action Panic Coda Shortcuts
Clips Ctrl + Command + C
Minimize Command + M
Next Tab Command + }
Previous Tab Command + {
Transcript Ctrl + Command + T

Modes Shortcuts

Action Panic Coda Shortcuts
Sites Command + 1
Text Editor Command + 2
Preview Command + 3
CSS Editor Command + 4
Terminal Command + 5
Books Command + 6

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Source Control Shortcuts

Action Panic Coda Shortcuts
Commit Command + Shift + M
Refresh Command + Shift + R
Update Command + Shift + U

Others Panic Coda Shortcuts

Action Panic Coda Shortcut keys
Go To Location Command + L
Reload Command + R
Add Site Command + Shift + A
Connect to Server Command + K
Publish to Server Ctrl + Command + P

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Here are some commonly asked questions about Panic Coda keyboard shortcuts:

What is the shortcut for opening a new file in Panic Coda?

The shortcut for opening a new file in Panic Coda is typically “Cmd + N” on macOS or “Ctrl + N” on Windows.

How do I switch between tabs using keyboard shortcuts in Panic Coda?

To switch between tabs using keyboard shortcuts in Panic Coda, you can use “Cmd + Option + Left/Right Arrow” on macOS or “Ctrl + Page Up/Page Down” on Windows.

Can I use Vim keybindings in Panic Coda?

Panic Coda does not have native support for Vim keybindings. However, you may be able to use third-party plugins or extensions to add Vim-like functionality to the editor.

How do I duplicate a line using keyboard shortcuts in Panic Coda?

To duplicate a line using keyboard shortcuts in Panic Coda, you can typically use “Cmd + D” on macOS or “Ctrl + D” on Windows.

What is the shortcut for running code in Panic Coda?

The shortcut for running code in Panic Coda can vary depending on the language or context. Usually, it involves using a specific combination like “Cmd + R” on macOS or “Ctrl + R” on Windows. However, this shortcut may differ based on the programming language and build system you are working with.


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