43 Oracle RightNow Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Oracle RightNow Shortcuts for Windows

Adding New Item Shortcuts

Action Oracle RightNow Shortcuts
New Incident Ctrl + Shift + I
New answer Ctrl + Shift + A
New contact Ctrl + Shift + C
New organization Ctrl + Shift + O
New opportunity Ctrl + Shift + P
New task Ctrl + Shift + T
New campaign Ctrl + Shift + G
New mailing Ctrl + Shift + M
New document Ctrl + Shift + D
New survey Ctrl + Shift + Y
New report Ctrl + Shift + R
New dashboard Ctrl + Shift + B

Text Editing Shortcuts

Action Oracle RightNow Shortcut keys
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Select all Ctrl + A
Move forwards one word Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Move backward one word Ctrl + Right Arrow key

Editing Records Shortcuts

Action Oracle RightNow Shortcut keys
New (same item type) Ctrl + N
Save Ctrl + S
Save and close Ctrl + Shift + S
Save as F12
Spell check F7
Information Ctrl + I
Print Ctrl + P
Delete Delete
Forward Ctrl + F
Help F1

Explorers and Reports Shortcuts

Action Oracle RightNow Shortcut keys
New (uses default new selection) Ctrl + N
Assign Ctrl + A
Refresh F5
Edit selected item Ctrl + E
Find (in an explorer) Ctrl + F
Forward (from a report) Ctrl + F
Rename F2
Refresh Ctrl + R
Copy Ctrl + C
Print Ctrl + P
Delete Delete

Other Oracle RightNow Shortcuts

Action Oracle RightNow Shortcut keys
Return to the previous content pane tab in the history Ctrl + Tab
Move forward to the next content pane tab in the history Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Move to the first field in Quick Search F3
Close window Esc


What is Oracle RightNow?

Oracle RightNow is a cloud-based customer service software that helps businesses manage their customer interactions and relationships.

What are the key features of Oracle RightNow?

Some of the key features of Oracle RightNow include case management, knowledge management, web self-service, email response management, chat, and social media monitoring.

Can I customize Oracle RightNow to meet my business needs?

Yes, Oracle RightNow is highly customizable and can be configured to meet your specific business needs.

How does Oracle RightNow integrate with other systems?

Oracle RightNow has a robust set of APIs and pre-built integrations that allow it to integrate with other systems, including CRMs, ERPs, and marketing automation systems.

Is Oracle RightNow secure?

Yes, Oracle RightNow is built with security in mind and has multiple layers of security, including role-based access controls, encryption, and network security measures.

Is there a free trial for Oracle RightNow?

Oracle offers a free trial of Oracle RightNow for a limited time, so businesses can try out the software and see if it meets their needs before making a purchase.



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