24 Sip Keyboard Shortcuts

for MacOS

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Most used Sip Shortcuts

Action Sip Shortcuts
Undo action Command + Z
Redo action Command + Y
Show menu bar interface Control + Option + Command + M
Show color panel Control + Option + Command + C
Show picker Control + Option + Command + P
Send to fill color Command + Left Mouse Click
Send to border-color Shift + Command + Left Mouse Click
Get fill color Control + Option + Command + F
Get border-color Control + Option + Command + C

Picker Shortcuts

Action Sip Shortcuts
Move picker 1px to pressed direction Arrow keys
Move picker 10px to pressed direction Shift + Arrow keys
Increase picker size +
Decrease picker size
Increase picker zoom Option + +
Decrease picker zoom Option + –

Colors & formats Shortcuts

Action Sip Shortcut Keys
Next color Control + Option + Down Arrow key
Previous color Control + Option + Up Arrow key
Next format Control + Option + Right Arrow key
Previous format Control + Option + Left Arrow key

Color Profile Shortcuts

Action Sip Shortcut Keys
Next color profile Option + Shift + Right Arrow key
Previous color profile Option + Shift + Left Arrow key

Color Dock Shortcuts

Action Sip Shortcut Keys
Show/hide color dock Control + Option + Command + D

Multiple Colors Shortcuts

Action Sip Shortcut Keys
Pick multiple colors Shift
Pick multiple colors and create a palette Control


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