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115 Virtual Key Codes Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Virtual Key Codes Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Virtual Key Codes Shortcuts

Action Virtual Key Codes Shortcuts
VK_BACK (0x08) Backspace
VK_TAB (0x09) Tab
– (0x0A-0B) [Reserved]
VK_CLEAR (0x0C) Clear
VK_RETURN (0x0D) Enter
– (0x0E-0F) [Undefined]
VK_SHIFT (0x10) Shift
VK_CONTROL (0x11) Ctrl
VK_MENU (0x12) Alt
VK_PAUSE (0x13) Pause
VK_CAPITAL (0x14) Caps Lock
VK_KANA (0x15) [IME_Kana_mode]
(maintained for compatibility; use VK_HANGUL) VK_HANGUEL (0x15) [IME_Hanguel_mode]
Hangul mode]   VK_HANGUL (0x15) [IME]
VK_IME_ON (0x16) [IME_On]
VK_JUNJA (0x17) [IME_Junja_mode]
VK_FINAL (0x18) [IME_final_mode]
VK_HANJA (0x19) [IME_Hanja_mode]
VK_KANJI (0x19) [IME_Kanji_mode]
VK_IME_OFF (0x1A) {IME_Off]
VK_ESCAPE (0x1B) Esc
VK_CONVERT (0x1C) [IME_convert]
VK_NONCONVERT (0x1D) [IME_nonconvert]
VK_ACCEPT (0x1E) [IME_accept]
VK_MODECHANGE (0x1F) [IME_mode_change_request]
VK_SPACE (0x20) Spacebar
VK_PRIOR (0x21) Page Up
VK_NEXT (0x22) Page Down
VK_END (0x23) End
VK_HOME (0x24) Home
VK_LEFT (0x25) Left Arrow key
VK_UP Up Arrow key
VK_RIGHT (0x27) Right Arrow key
VK_DOWN (0x28) Down Arrow key
VK_SELECT (0x29) Select
VK_PRINT (0x2A) Print
VK_SNAPSHOT (0x2C) Print Screen
VK_INSERT (0x2D) Insert
VK_DELETE (0x2E) Delete
VK_HELP (0x2F) Help

Number Row Shortcuts

Action Virtual Key Codes
0x30 0
0x31 1
0x32 2
0x33 3
0x34 4
0x35 5
0x36 6
0x37 7
0x38 8
0x39 9

Letter Shortcuts

Action Virtual Key Codes Shortcuts
0x42 B
0x43 C
0x44 D
0x45 E
0x46 F
0x47 G
0x48 H
0x49 I
0x4A J
0x4B K
0x4C L
0x4D M
0x4E N
0x4F O
0x50 P
0x51 Q
0x52 R
0x53 S
0x54 T
0x55 U
0x56 V
0x57 W
0x58 X
0x59 Y
0x5A Z

Numpad Shortcuts

Action Virtual Key Codes
VK_NUMPAD1 (0x61) 1
VK_NUMPAD2 (0x62) 2
VK_NUMPAD3 (0x63) 3
VK_NUMPAD4 (0x64) 4
VK_NUMPAD5 (0x65) 5
VK_NUMPAD6 (0x66) 6
VK_NUMPAD7 (0x67) 7
VK_NUMPAD8 (0x68) 8
VK_NUMPAD9 (0x69) 9
VK_ADD (0x6B) +
VK_SEPARATOR (0x6C) Separator
VK_DIVIDE (0x6F) /

Function keys

Action Virtual Key Codes
VK_F1 (0x70) F1
VK_F2 (0x71) F2
VK_F3 (0x72) F3
VK_F4 (0x73) F4
VK_F5 (0x74) F5
VK_F6 (0x75) F6
VK_F7 (0x76) F7
VK_F8 (0x77) F8
VK_F9 (0x78) F9
VK_F10 (0x79) F10
VK_F11 (0x7A) F11
VK_F12 (0x7B) F12
VK_F13 (0x7C) F13
VK_F14 (0x7D) F14
VK_F15 (0x7E) F15
VK_F16 (0x7F) F16
VK_F17 (0x80) F17
VK_F18 (0x81) F18
VK_F19 (0x82) F19
VK_F20 (0x83) F20
VK_F21 (0x84) F21
VK_F22 (0x85) F22
VK_F23 (0x86) F23
VK_F24 (0x87) F24



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