56 Creo View Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used Creo View Shortcuts

Action Creo View Shortcuts
Clear annotations Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Clear measurements Ctrl + Delete
Close window Ctrl + F4
Context help F1
Delete Delete
Exit current mode (return to select mode) Esc
Find Ctrl + F
Primary panel (toggle on/off) F5
Upper data panel (toggle on/off) F6
Lower data panel (toggle on/off) F7
Only display view window Ctrl + F8
Print Ctrl + P
Free rotation mode Ctrl + F3
Smart selection filter S
Markup selection filter M
Select all Ctrl + A
Invert selection Ctrl + Shift + I
Transform mode F3
Zoom all Ctrl + Shift + A
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom selected Ctrl + Shift + S
Zoom window Ctrl + Shift + Z
Rotate R
Rotate (top) T
Rotate (bottom) B
Rotate (front) N
Rotate (back) K
First page Home
Last page End
Previous page Page Up key
Next page Page Down key

MCAD Shortcuts

Action Creo View Shortcuts
Render shaded F9
Render shaded with edges F10
Render hidden line removal F11
Render wireframe F12
Spin center Ctrl + .
Start or stop animation playback Spacebar
Part selection filter P
Construction geometry selection filter C
Model annotations selection filter A
Faces selection filter F
Edges selection filter E
Points selection filter O
Axes selection filter X
Isolate selected Ctrl + I
Hide selected Ctrl + H
Unhide all Ctrl + U
Switch from origin mode to center mode after using transform mode Shift + +

ECAD Shortcuts

Action Creo View Shortcuts
Fill shape F
Flip board U
Crosshair X
Center on selected Shift + .
Zoom to outline Ctrl + Home
Pinpads selection filter E
Via pads selection filter X


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