60 Dynamics AX Shortcuts for Windows

download dynamics ax shortcuts pdf

Microsoft Dynamic AX shortcuts for Windows will enable you to quickly do certain tasks without even touching the mouse. Like creating a sales order, changing numbers of key fields, adding a few lines, and releasing it in the warehouse in a short period of time with Dynamic AX shortcuts. At times, you will learn the shortcuts even without subconsciously feeling you are.

List of Dynamics AX Shortcuts

Hoping that the below Dynamic AX shortcuts will help! Download the Microsoft Dynamic AX shortcuts for Windows users in the form of a PDF. Time Saved is money earned. So it’s upon you now on how much you can earn with the saved time by using the Dynamic AX shortcuts.

Download Dynamics AX Shortcuts PDF

Most used Dynamics AX Shortcuts

Action Dynamics AX Shortcut keys
Help window F1
Close the Help window Alt + F4
Print Ctrl + P
Refresh F5
Find Ctrl + F
Select all Ctrl + A
Move the cursor to the search box Ctrl + E
Display the default help topic Alt + Home
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Options menu Alt + O

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Windows & Menu Control Shortcuts

Action Dynamics AX Shortcuts
Navigation Pane Alt + F1
File menu Alt
View menu Alt + V
Windows menu Alt + W
Help menu Alt + H
Navigation Pane on an off Shift + Alt + F1
Move between modules Ctrl + Tab
Move the cursor to the address bar F11
Use the Back function on the address bar Alt + Left Arrow key
Use the Forward function on the address bar Alt + Right Arrow key
Presence indicator menu Ctrl + Shift + M

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Forms Shortcuts

Action Dynamics AX Shortcuts
Create a record Ctrl + N
Delete a record Alt + F9
Close the current form without saving changes Alt + F4
Move to the first record Ctrl + Home
Move to the last record Ctrl + End
Move to the previous record Ctrl + Page Up key
Move to the next record Ctrl + Page Down key
Move to the next page of the records Page Down key
Move to the previous page of records Page Up key
Open a context menu Shift + F10
Print a report Ctrl + P
Cancel changes and restore the active record Ctrl + F5
Select the button with focus Spacebar
Save changes and close the current form Ctrl + F4
Save changes to a form Ctrl + S
Move to the next Tab Ctrl + Tab
Move to the previous Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Expand all Fast Tabs Ctrl + Shift + +
Collapse all Fast Tabs Ctrl + Shift + –

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AOT Shortcuts

Action Dynamics AX Shortcuts
Open the AOT Ctrl + D
Open a new Development Workspace Ctrl + Shift + W
Open a new Application Workspace Ctrl + W
Save all Ctrl + Shift + S
Open the editor for an application object Ctrl + Shift + F2
Open the editor for a query or Table Ctrl + O
Compile an application object F7
Go to the previous node Up Arrow key
Go to the next node Down Arrow key
Move the node up Alt + Up Arrow key
Move the node down Alt + Down Arrow key
Expand the current node Right Arrow key
Collapse the current node Left Arrow key
Open the Properties sheet Alt + Enter

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