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89 BSPlayer Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Playback Shortcuts

Action BSPlayer Shortcuts
Play X
Stop V
Pause C
Previous Y
Next B
Previous chapter Ctrl + Y
Next Chapter Ctrl + B
Previous CD Shift + Y
Next CD Shift + B
Movie mode M

Subtitles Shortcuts

Action BSPlayer Shortcut keys
Load subtitles Ctrl + L
Subtitles on / off S
Increase subtitle font size Ctrl + Num Lock
Decrease subtitle font size Ctrl + –
Move subtitles down Shift + Down Arrow key
Move subtitles up Shift + Up Arrow key
Subtitles time correction – (small steps) / Vobsub decreases speed Shift + Left Arrow key
Subtitles time correction + (small steps) / Vobsub increase speed Shift + Right Arrow key
Subtitles time correction – / Vobsub decreases delay Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Subtitles time correction + / Vobsub increase delay Ctrl + Right Arrow key

Others BSPlayer Shortcuts

Action BSPlayer Shortcut keys
About F1
Add Bookmark Alt + I
Always on top Ctrl + A
Always on top Ovr mode Shift + A
Original aspect ratio Shift + 1
Aspect ratio 16:9 Shift + 2
Aspect ratio 4:3 Shift + 3
Audio stream volume cycle Ctrl + S
Boss button F10
Capture frame – “What you see” Shift + P
Capture frame – original image size P
Close movie Ctrl + F4
Custom pan-scan Shift + O
Cycle aspect ratios A
Cycle audio streams Shift + S
Increase audio delay Shift + Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Decrease audio delay Shift + Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Increase brightness Home
Decrease brightness End
Increase playback rate by 1% F5
Decrease playback rate by 1% F6
Increase playback rate by 10% Shift + F5
Decrease playback rate by 10% Shift + F6
Increase post-processing F7
Decrease post-processing F8
Desktop mode D
Edit bookmark Alt + Ctrl + I
EQ Alt + G
Exit fullscreen Esc
Fast forward Ctrl + F5
Fast rewind Ctrl + F6
Free resize down (in full screen) Ctrl + 2
Free resize left (in full screen) Ctrl + 4
Free resize right (in full screen) Ctrl + 6
Free resize up Ctrl + 8
Full-screen switch F
Go to the DVD chapters menu Ctrl + C
Jump backward ,
Jump forward .
Jump to file J
Jump to time Ctrl + J
Move the picture down (in full screen) 2
Move the picture left (in full screen) 4
Move the picture right (in full screen) 6
Move the picture up (in full screen) 8
Reset picture location 5
Open audio file Shift + L
Open movie L
Pan-scan O
Playlist Alt + E
Preferences Ctrl + P
Refresh skin Ctrl + R
Repeat A-B R
Decrease movie window size
Increase movie window size +
Seek backward Left Arrow key
Seek forward Right Arrow key
Show/hide main window H
Show/hide OSD I
Skins Alt + S
Switch wait for vertical-blank Shift + V
Video info Alt + 3
Mute Ctrl + M
Volume down Down Arrow key
Volume up Up Arrow key
Zoom 50% 1
Zoom 100% 2
Zoom 200% 3
Chapter viewer Ctrl + V


What is BSPlayer?

BSPlayer is a media player software that allows users to play videos and music on their Windows-based computers. It supports a wide range of video and audio formats and offers features like subtitle support, customizable skins, and playback speed control.

What video and audio formats does BSPlayer support?

BSPlayer supports a wide range of video and audio formats, including AVI, DivX, MKV, MP4, MPEG, MOV, FLV, WMV, AC3, AAC, MP3, and more.

Does BSPlayer support subtitles?

Yes, BSPlayer supports subtitles in various formats, including SRT, SUB, and SSA. Users can also adjust the timing and position of subtitles, change their font and color, and download subtitles from the internet directly from within the player.

Can I customize the interface of BSPlayer?

Yes, BSPlayer comes with customizable skins that allow users to change the look and feel of the player according to their preferences. Users can download skins from the BSPlayer website or create their own.

Can I control the playback speed in BSPlayer?

Yes, BSPlayer allows users to adjust the playback speed of their videos, ranging from 0.1x to 6.0x speed. This feature can be useful for watching videos in slow motion or for quickly scanning through longer videos.

Is BSPlayer available on other platforms besides Windows?

No, BSPlayer is currently only available for Windows-based computers. However, there are similar media player software available for other platforms like Mac and Linux.


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