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61 Cmus 2.8 Keyboard Shortcuts

for Linux

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Most used Cmus 2.8 Shortcuts

Action Cmus 2.8 Shortcuts
Quit -i Q
echo Type :quit to exit cmus. Ctrl + Shift + C
echo {} I
Next track B
Pause C
Play X
Previous track Z
Stop V
Refresh Ctrl + Shift + L
Search next N
Search previous Shift + N
Seek +1m .
Seek +5 L
Seek -1m ,
Seek -5 H
Toggle aaa_mode M
Toggle continue Shift + C
Toggle play_library Shift + M
Toggle play_sorted O
Toggle repeat R
Toggle repeat_current Ctrl + Shift + R
Toggle show_remaining_time T
Toggle shuffle S
push filter F
push live-filter L
Update-cache U
View tree 1
View sorted 2
View Playlist 3
View queue 4
View browser 5
View filters 6
View settings 7
Push shell !
Vol +0 +1 ]
Vol +1 +0 [
Vol +10% +
Vol -0 -1 }
Vol -1 -0 {
Vol -10%
win-activate Enter
win-add-Q Shift + E
win-add-l A
win-add-p Y
win-add-q E
win-bottom Shift + G
win-down Down Arrow key
win-mv-after P
win-mv-before P
win-next Tab
win-page-down Ctrl + Shift + F
win-page-up Ctrl + Shift + B
win-remove Shift + D
win-sel-cur I
win-toggle Spacebar
win-top G
win-up K
win-activate Spacebar
browser-up Backspace
toggle show_hidden I
win-update U



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