57 Tupi Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Tupi Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Tupi Shortcuts

Action Tupi Shortcuts
Start New project Ctrl + N
Open existing project Ctrl + O
Save current project Ctrl + S
Close current project Ctrl + W
Open Preferences dialog Ctrl + P
Import Gimp palette Shift + G
Go to the Animation module Ctrl + 1
Go to the Player module Ctrl + 2
Go to the News module Ctrl + 3
Insert Image Alt + B
Insert SVG File Alt + S
Insert Bitmap sequence Alt + Shift + B
Insert SVG sequence Alt + Shift + S
Show Tip of the Day Ctrl + T
Show “About” dialog Ctrl + K
Exit Tupi Ctrl + Q
Switch between the Animation Module and Player Module Enter

Animation Module Shortcuts

Action Tupi Shortcut keys
Open/Close Color Palette Shift + P
Open/Close Brush properties Shift + B
Open/Close Object Library Shift + L
Open/Close Timeline Shift + T
Open/Close Table of Exposure Shift + E
Change brush size Shift + Left Mouse Click
Open/Close help manual F1
Pencil P
Rectangle R
Ellipse C
Line L
Polyline S
Position tween Shift + W
Rotation tween Shift + R
Scale tween Shift + S
Shear tween Shift + H
Opacity tween Shift + O
Node selection N
Object selection O
Internal color fill I
Contour color fill B
Undo Ctrl + Z
Repeat Ctrl + Y
Copy object Ctrl + C
Paste object Ctrl + V
Cut object Ctrl + X
Delete object Delete
Onion Skin U
Show/Hide Grid G
Show/Hide full-screen mode F11
Rotate workspace Ctrl + Alt
Go to the previous frame Page Up key
Go to the next frame Page Down key
Extend current frame Ctrl + Page Down key
Delete current frame Ctrl + Page Up key

Others Shortcuts

Action Tupi Shortcut keys
Add new layer F5
Delete layer F6
Add new frame 9
Move frame backward F8
Move frame forward F9



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